Explore the outlook for the bunker market in Europe & the Mediterranean

With IMO in the rear-view mirror, the bunker industry must balance the needs for recovering out of the COVID-19 induced demand destruction with investing in the shift to low and zero-carbon fuels for the next regulatory milestones. The key for 2022 is for the bunker market to look ahead to the next IMO target of meeting at least 50% lower greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 compared to 2000. How can the bunker industry adapt and be part of the transition toward low and zero-carbon fuels? Will lower emission fuels be the only step for suppliers and what is the fuel of the future and how will we get it in mass?

At a time when lenders tighten lines of credit, demand is at an all-time low and, suppliers consolidate, come together with the world’s leading bunker suppliers, refiners, traders, brokers, and ship owners/operators to keep pace with market conditions linked to credit, examine how markets shifted throughout COVID-19 and project movements including pricing trends, supply and demand and the fuel of the future. This meeting also comes at a critical point for the bunker market to reflect on the response and performance to the 0.50% Sulfur limit across the supply chain and to address key questions around margin and fuel quality in a 0.50% Sulfur world.

Why attend?

• Assess the current state of play and market conditions in the bunker market relating to supply and demand and credit

 Hear how bunker fuel pricing is evolving alongside key trends, scenarios, and market behaviour
 Look ahead to the next wave of regulatory milestones such as IMO 2030/50 and the EU’s ETS and consider its impacts on the Mediterranean bunker market

 Examine the outlook for the supply chain and explore how response to the 0.05% Sulfur fared considering VLSFO quality

 Discover the latest viewpoints surrounding alternative fuels such as Hydrogen, LNG and Biofuels


    Standard Rate: $599

    Duration: 2 days

    Who attends?

    • Fuel buyers/end users
     Bunker suppliers
    • Ship owner/operators
    • Refiners
    • Bunker traders, brokers and analysts
    • Regulators and government officials
    • Private banks, investment banks and financial advisors
    • Risk managers, product controllers and finance managers

    Your virtual pass will include:

    • Access to the virtual platform and all live and on-demand session broadcasts on bunker fuel
    • Convenient access and view the event from anywhere through your mobile, tablet and computer
    • 1 months post event on-demand access to the virtual platform
    • Easy to use networking tools to connect with the whole audience through the virtual environment
    • Virtual attendees will gain access to an UberEats voucher (where available) to order food and drink to your home/office


Going virtual

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Day 1: Wednesday, December 1, 2021
  • 08.45 AM Networking
  • 9.10 AM Chair's welcoming remarks Britt Russell Webster, Associate Editor, Refined Products, S&P Global Platts
Opening address: Lay of the sea in 2022
  • 9:20 AM Bunker fuel in 2022: Another year of turbulence• Expectations for the year ahead
    • Review industry landscape, disruption and where we are today
    • Creating a path to recovery in 2022
    Mikhail Shapiro, Global Head of Marine Fuels, Glencore
State of play in the bunker market: Market conditions and credit lines
  • 09:30 AMPanel discussion: Leaders discuss key issues shaping the agenda for the bunker marketThe leaders of industry come together to discuss the current state of the bunker market including what to expect in 2022 such as bunker licensing and carbon taxonomy in a push towards increased market transparency in the Mediterranean.
    Cem Saral, CEO, Cockett Marine
    Svend Stenberg Mølholt, Group COO, Monjasa
    Kenneth Dam, Global Head of Bunkering, TFG Marine
    Tyler Baron, CEO, Minerva Bunkering
    Moderated by: Paul Hickin, Director, EMEA Oil, S&P Global Platts
  • 10:15 amNetworking
  • 10:45 amThe long and the short of supply and demand in Bunker • Reflect on supply and demand positions from 2020 to present
    • Understand the new equilibrium due to COVID-19 induced demand destruction
    • Predicted demand recovery for the winter and year to come
    • How will prices of marine fuels change to combat tighter restrictions?
    Nicole Leonard, Head of EMEA Custom Solutions, Custom Analytics and Consulting Services, S&P Global Platts
  • 11:15 amIssues of credit from the perspective of suppliers and traders• Consider how the value chain is being rocked by tightening lines of credit
    • How credit risk management is impacting bunker on a regional level
    • Lender expectations: Why has credit been cut?
    • Ensure the value chain responds with increased transparency
    • Find alternative sources to deal with the shortfall of credit and fund the gap
    Bjarke Staal, General Manager, Termoil
    Ulrich Hyldedahl Rasmussen, Vice President, Credit Risk Management, Sing Fuels
    Peter Zachariassen, CEO, Bunker One
    Anna Stefanou, Finance Manager and Business Development, PMG Holding
    Moderated by: Andrew Scorer, Freight Analytics Lead, S&P Global Platts
  • 12:00 pmCoffee with experts
    Carlos Giner Monleón, Head of Products Trading and Specialties, Including Bunker, Cepsa
    Peter Zachariassen, CEO, Bunker One
    Guido Cardullo, Head of Business Development, Fratelli Cosulich
    Andrew Scorer, Freight Analytics Lead, S&P Global Platts
Bunker pricing outlook for 2022
  • 12:30 pmEmerging bunker fuel oil price trends• Examine pricing linked to scrubbers and increased refineries in the East
    •  Price spread between different grades of fuel oil: VLSFO and gasoil
    • High volatility pricing due to instability in the shipping market and demand
    • Seeking margin in a 0.50% sulfur world
    Britt Russell Webster, Associate Editor, Refined Products, S&P Global Platts
Looking ahead at the next wave of rules and targets impacting the bunker market
  • 13:00 pmIntroduction of Aderco technology and characteristics of the Aderco fuel treatment • Sharing Aderco’s comprehensive research and experience with fuel, especially with VSLFO in the last two years
    • Presenting research results that would benefit different stakeholders in short and long term futures
    • Communicating how Aderco fuel treatment would potentially play a part in helping the vessels in meeting their CII and EEXI requirement
    Idris Talib, Technical Manager, Aderco
  • 13:25 pmNetworking
  • 13:55 pmSnapshot of the regulatory horizon and its impact on the bunker market • Impact of upcoming IMO regulation on the bunkering industry
    • Will lower-emissions fuels be the only step for suppliers?
    • IMO 2030/2050: How is it going to work and how will bunkering change in the Mediterranean?
    Roel Hoenders, Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency, IMO
  • 14:25 pmInteractive “What if…?” Case study: What if the Mediterranean became an ECA? • What would a Mediterranean ECA mean for the region and bunkering?
    • Benefits, costs, and feasibility of implementing a Mediterranean ECA
    • Consider the opportunities, advantages, and winners in an ECA zone
    Nicholas Argyrou, General Manager, Bunkernet
    Dr. Axel Friedrich
    , International Transport Advisor, Independent
    Sönke Diesener, Transport Policy Officer, NABU
  • 15:10 pmChair's concluding remarks
  • 15:15 pmEnd of Day 1
Day 2: Thursday, December 2, 2021
  • 08:45 amNetworking
  • 09:00 amChair’s welcoming remarks and review of day one Britt Russell Webster, Associate Editor, Refined Products, S&P Global Platts
Supply chain outlook in 2022
  • 09:15 amShipping markets review and outlook • Challenges, trends, and the pressure for the shipping to adopt low emission fuels
    • How will the Mediterranean shipping market evolve alongside 2030 and 2050 targets?
    • How has the shipping industry coped with the 0.50% sulfur limit?
    Andrew Wilson, Head of Research and Consultancy Services, BRS Brokers
  • 9:45 amPanel discussion: Latest developments within the global bunker supply and buying space • Review the challenges for buyers and suppliers in the wake of IMO 2020
    • Explore how buying habits in the Mediterranean have altered due to an everchanging global climate
    • Drive towards further consolidation on the supply side
    Dr. Nikolaos Liapis, Supply and Operations Director, Elinoil
    Rustin Edwards, Head of Fuel Oil Procurement, Euronav
    Nellos Filopoulous, Director, Mediterranean and Black Sea, Propeller Fuels Greece
    Moderated by: John Morley, Associate Director EMEA Oil, S&P Global Platts
  • 10:30 amNetworking
Explore the bunker market’s response to the 0.50% Sulfur limit
  • 11:00 am23 months on from IMO2020, how has the bunker industry performed? • Review how the bunker market responded to IMO 2020
    • How COVID-19 effected the rollout of IMO 2020 and acted as a larger disruptor
    • Is it job done, or are there still challenges ahead?
    • Impact of IMO on fuel diversification and the availability of very low sulfur
    Unni Einemo, Director and IMO Representative, IBIA
  • 11:30 amObserve what the market looks like now the Sulfur cap is in force• Examine liquidity of the 0.5% fuel oil market
    • Impact of unpredictability around very low Sulfur fuel oil on the paper market
    • Challenges around hedging against future volatility in the 0.5% Sulfur fuel market
    • Consider the effects of variability in 0.5%S fuel oil blend stock on hedging
    • How long can VLSFO stay on an upwards trend whilst quality claims rise?
    Bjarne Schieldrop, Chief analyst, Commodities, SEB
  • 12:00 pmNetworking
  • 12:30 pmAddress key questions around the quality of VLSFO• Consider the frequency of VLSFO stability and compatibility issues compared to 2020
    • Maintaining the right balance in the blending and mixing of VLSFOs
    • Challenges surrounding VLSFO quality and the guidance
    • Methods to test the stability and compatibility of VLSFOs
    Michael Green, Marine Technical Senior Quality Manager, World Fuel Services
Fuels of the future for the bunker market
  • 13:00 pmRoundtable Discussion: Explore the pros and cons of alternative marine fuels
    Each round table lasts 15 minutes as an opportunity for all attendees to take progressive steps towards considering what fuels have potential in the bunker market. Each roundtable will have a designated expert leading the discussion and will cover questions around: logistical operations and infrastructure; pricing and availability of the fuels; safety concerns and testing.

    Roundtable One: LNG
    Michael Schaap, Commercial Director Marine, Titan LNG

    Roundtable Two: Methanol
    Stergios Zacharakis, Global Market Lead, Methanol Chain, S&P Global Platts
    Pernille Saugmann Olsen, Strategic Development and Origination Manager, Maersk Oil Trading

    Roundtable Three: Hydrogen
    Rasmus Bach Nielsen, Global Head of Wet Freight, Trafigura
  • 13:45 pmExperts conclude on how the bunker market can take progressive steps towards alternative fuel sources for a net zero carbon future
    Michael Schaap, Commercial Director Marine, Titan LNG
    Rasmus Bach Nielsen, Global Head of Wet Freight, Trafigura
    Pernille Saugmann Olsen, Strategic Development and Origination Manager, Maersk Oil Trading
    Stergios Zacharakis, Global Market Lead, Methanol Chain, S&P Global Platts
    Moderated by: Anastasia Zania, Freight Analyst, S&P Global Platts
  • 14:15 pmChair's closing remarks
  • 14:30 pmEnd of conference

Key numbers

Expert speakers
Suppliers and traders
Ship owners and operators


Speaker Carlos Giner Monleón
Head of Products Trading and Specialties, Including Bunker, Cepsa

Carlos is currently the Head of Products Trading & Specialties, including Bunker. He has developed his career in the energy sector performing various management positions – previously, in the whole value chain of the lubricants business, base oils and paraffin waxes. He started his professional career in Texaco (now Chevron) and he joined Cepsa in 2012, being appointed General Manager of the area of Lubes, switching to Trading a few years ago.

Speaker Tyler Baron
CEO, Minerva Bunkering

Mr. Baron is the Chief Executive Officer of Minerva Bunkering, one of the largest independent physical operators in the marine fuels industry, and a subsidiary of the Mercuria Energy Group.

Minerva serves customers in 150 ports worldwide with an extensive portfolio of dedicated bunkering tankers and storage terminals. Prior to joining Minerva, Mr. Baron led the financial and operational restructuring of Aegean Marine Petroleum Network, Inc., later acquired by Mercuria.

Mr. Baron has nearly two decades of experience in the financial services and investment management industry specializing in small and mid-capitalization equities and distressed debt.

From 2012-2018, Mr. Baron was the Portfolio Manager and Managing Partner of Sentinel Rock Capital, a hedge fund based in San Francisco. Previously he was a partner at Spring Point Capital, an analyst CBI Capital, and an analyst in the restructuring group of Peter J. Solomon Company.

Mr. Baron attended the University of California at Berkeley and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Haas School of Business in 2001.

Speaker Kenneth Dam
Global Head of Bunkering, TFG Marine

Kenneth Dam joined Trafigura’s fuel oil team in 2017 and in May 2019 became Co-Head of its newly formed bunkering team. In 2020, Kenneth was appointed Global Head of Bunkering for TFG Marine, a joint venture created between Trafigura and ship owning companies Frontline and Golden Ocean to supply quality marine fuels to ship owners at global strategic bunkering hubs.

Before joining Trafigura, from 2011 to 2016, Kenneth worked for Monjasa and played a key role in developing its West Africa bunkering operations. Before entering the marine fuel supply and shipping industry, Kenneth was a financial advisor for leading Danish financial services company Nykredit.

Speaker Mikhail Shapiro
Global Head of Marine Fuels, Glencore

Mikhail Shapiro heads up Glencore’s Marine Fuels department. Glencore is one of the world’s leading marketers of physical resources, sourcing commodities and products from a global supplier base and selling them to customers all over the world. Glencore transports commodities by sea, rail and truck, storing them, processing them, and delivering them to customers. Glencore has a substantial shipping portfolio and access to a range of logistics, storage and investment capabilities. The network includes a marine fuels supply system in several main bunkering hubs. With over 17 years of industry experience, Mikhail has held multiple roles including: oil marketing, logistics, blending, vessel chartering as well as derivative and physical oil trading in various regions around the world. Mikhail is an active industry contributor, including participation in IBIA as well as the ISO marine fuels specifications working group.

Speaker Rasmus Bach Nielsen
Global Head of Fuel Decarbonisation, Trafigura

Rasmus Bach Nielsen joined Trafigura in August 2014 as Global Head of Wet Freight. During his six years in this role he helped transform the wet freight book into one of the leading global players in the market and oversaw more than USD3 billion of successful asset transactions between 2017-2019.

In August 2020, Rasmus took up the newly established role of Global Head of Fuel Decarbonisation with the objective of reducing the Group’s shipping emission footprint. Working closely with Trafigura’s Power and Renewables team, Rasmus also focuses on project origination around green fuels and their possible off-takes and serves as a Non-Executive Director for TFG Marine. Rasmus led the publication of Trafigura’s global IMO-led shipping decarbonisation proposal in 2020. This year he was also ranked the 8th most influential person in shipping in the Lloyd’s List One Hundred People rankings.

Rasmus participates in and is a regular and passionate speaker on the need to accelerate the decarbonisation of the shipping industry and is widely quoted in leading business and industry publications including the Financial Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, Stanford, the Global Maritime Forum, Lloyds List, Lloyds Register, TradeWinds and the World Economic Forum.

Prior to joining Trafigura, Rasmus spent 15 years with various shipowners based in Singapore, Monaco and Copenhagen. He initially trained in A.P Moeller Group and Maersk Tankers trading handy size and tankers. Rasmus then moved to Scorpio Tankers to trade Panamax tankers primarily in the European and American markets. This was followed by a move to Singapore in 2007 where he opened and headed the office for another Italian shipowner. In 2012 he joined Navig8 Group where he was part of the team concluding more than 70 new build tankers at various shipyards in China, Korea and Japan while also assisting the Navig8 Group’s equity raising efforts in Asia.

Speaker Idris Talib
Technical Manager, Aderco

Idris Talib joined Aderco in 2018 and is currently the Technical Manager Asia Pacific. In this role, Idris is directly involved in working with vessel owners and managers to advise on bad fuel cases and provide solutions to the various fuel related problems. Idris is actively working with multiple accredited laboratories to conduct tests on a wide range of fuels with Aderco products to develop meaningful solutions for the marine fuel industry.

Idris has an engineering background and has worked in various roles in the marine industry including ship management, which has provided him with an extensive understanding of vessel requirements and operations.

Speaker Michael Green
Marine Technical Senior Quality Manager, World Fuel Services

Michael joined World Fuel Services, as Senior Quality Manager for Marine Technical, in December 2019 following 17 years in the fuel testing industry with Lintec Testing Services / Intertek ShipCare. As a member of the marine technical team his focus is delivering added value to WFS customers. The technical team also offers support for the WFS physical delivery locations, support in relation to continued progression of legislative reform, development of new fuels and technologies and quality / quantity disputes.

Michael is heavily involved with a range of established industry technical committees and working groups as well as industry associations within the marine fuel sector. He currently represents the UK on the BSI PTI /002 working group as well as number of ISO working groups including the ISO 8217 working group ISO/TC 28/SC 4/WG 6, and the ISO Alternative Marine Fuels group ISO /TC28/SC4/WG18. He is also an active member in a number of different working groups and sub-committees at The Energy Institute as well as having previously spent 9 years as a member of the CIMAC Working Group 7 for Fuels.

Michael is the immediate past Chairman of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), a position he held for two years. He joined the IBIA Board of Directors in April 2014 taking an active role in the development and progression of the association. During his time at IBIA he acted as the chairman of the working group for Training and Education and was elected to the position of Vice Chair of the IBIA board of directors in April 2016. Michael took on the role as the Chairman of the IBIA Board of Directors in April 2018 working closely with the Director of IBIA to ensure progression and recognition of the contribution the association provides to its members and the bunkering industry as a whole.

Speaker Peter Zachariassen
CEO, Bunker One

Peter Zachariassen is an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history and international background from the Bunker Industry. Combined with a pragmatic yet strategic mindset, Peter also has deep operational insights from his many years in the industry. Peter is setting the bar high when it comes to development, new ways of working, trends and customer demands. The smooth 2020 transition is one of the recent achievements, where a combined strategic and operational focus showed proper use of that exact experience. Simplicity, digitalization, expansion, low emission fuels, and customer partnerships are the key focus areas on Peters desk and where we will see Bunker One accelerate in the coming years.

Speaker Svend Stenberg Mølholt
Group COO, Monjasa

Coming from an internal position as Business Development Manager in Monjasa, Svend Stenberg Mølholt was appointed as Group Chief Operating Officer in the early months of 2016. Since his accession to the top management, Svend has contributed significantly to the strategic and organisational backbone of the organisation, creating a uniform image of the Monjasa Group operations worldwide.

He started his professional career in 2004 as a trainee at A.P. Moller-Maersk attending the Maersk International Shipping Education, from where he worked his way up through the ranks, claiming various internal positions across international borders.

Speaker Roel Hoenders
Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency, IMO

Mr. Roel Hoenders is Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency in the Marine Environment Division of the IMO Secretariat. He is responsible for IMO’s regulatory agenda on the reduction of atmospheric pollution from ships in line with MARPOL Annex VI and promoting low carbon shipping in accordance with IMO’s Initial Strategy on reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from ships.

Roel holds a law degree, with specializations in international environmental and maritime law, complemented by postgraduate studies in environmental sciences and business sustainability.

Prior to joining the IMO Secretariat, Mr. Hoenders worked as legal and policy officer on defining EU renewable energy and clean air policies in the Directorate-General for Environment of the European Commission and on promoting sustainable shipping in the environment department of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).

In earlier functions at the European Commission’s Development Cooperation directorate he advised on transport infrastructure projects in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe, and on corporate climate and sustainability strategies at the European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO) and DHL Netherlands.

Unni Einemo Unni Einemo
IMO Representative, IBIA

Unni Einemo joined the IBIA secretariat in April 2016 as its IMO Representative and Communications Manager. She was promoted to Director in September 2018 to serve as the global head of the Association.

Prior to joining IBIA, she worked for two decades as a journalist and analyst in the marine fuel and shipping industries as Managing Editor for the highly regarded Bunkerworld and Sustainable Shipping news services at Petromedia, and later Platts, which acquired Petromedia in July 2015.

Unni has gained expert knowledge through her years of writing and taking part in industry conferences and IMO meetings. She was named among the “Top 10 in regulation” in 2018 and as one of “Ten women influencing shipping” in 2019 by the Lloyd’s List annual most influential people in shipping series.

Cem Saral Cem Saral
CEO, Cockett Group

Cem Saral is the CEO of the Cockett Group (www.cockettgroup.com), one of the world’s leading resellers of marine and petroleum products and services and has over 20 years of industry experience on marine fuels and fuel oil trading.

During his career Cem has been employed at various key trading and management roles by leading oil trading and marine fuel oil companies. He has a wide geographical coverage and direct working experience in Europe, Asia, US, Far East and the Middle East.

Having worked extensively at both marine fuels and fuel oil trading industries, Cem has a sound understanding of the entire fuel oil supply chain and physical trading on a global basis. As a further value-add, he has had the opportunity to employ these direct trading experiences into areas of business development, management and strategic M&A activities.

Prior to joining to Cockett, Cem was last employed as a fuel oil trader by Vitol, one of the world’s leading energy and commodity trading companies (www.vitol.com) and 50% shareholder of the Cockett Group.

Cem holds a BSc degree in Operations Research from Turkish Naval Academy and throughout his career he has attended a wide range of programs on trading, risk, finance and management.

Bjarne Schieldrop Bjarne Schieldrop
Chief Analyst - Commodities, SEB

Bjarne has more than 25 years’ experience from commodity markets. He has worked with analysis, market modelling, structured deals as well as trading of commodities for large commodity trading companies like Enron in Scandinavia and Cargill in Geneva. He later worked for Point Carbon in Oslo analysing the European EU-ETS emission market involving European energy politics as well fossil fuel markets. Bjarne has a Master of Science degree in mathematics from the University of Oslo. Since 2008 he has held the position as Chief Analyst Commodities in SEB covering energy, metals, agricultural products as well as precious metals. The primary focus through his career has been energy markets.

Rustin Edwards Rustin Edwards
Head of Fuel Oil Procurement, Euronav

Rustin Edwards has been over 20 years in the Fuel oil and Maritime industry. He has been with Euronav for over 1 year to monitor and manage the fuel oil procurement of their fleet. Prior to this he was leading the IMO 2020 work stream at Macquarie Commodities Trading. Prior to that he was the global head of fuel and feedstocks trading at Cargill, managing the fuel oil exposure for the company. HE was employed by Chevron Products Company for 7 years, 5 years in Houston as part of the Chevron Marine Products group and 2 years in London. Prior to joining Chevron, Rustin worked as a supply coordinator and analyst for Amerada Hess corporation, performing supply logistics for their refinery system and terminal network. HE worked for 2 years in Saint Croix as a port captain, managing the terminal port operations. He has sailed on ocean tankers, from ULCC to coast wise handy tankers, achieving the rank of Master Mariner, Unlimited tonnage.

Rustin is a graduate of the US Merchant Marine academy in Kings Point, NY, and has and MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Speaker Dr. Axel Friedrich
International Transport Advisor, Independent

Technical Chemist from the Technical University of Berlin. For more than 28 years with the Umweltbundesamt (UBA), the Federal Environment Agency of Germany. From 01.09.1994 to 30.06.2008 head of the division „ Environment and Transport, Noise“. This division deals with all transport related environmental issues, including air pollution, noise and planning.

From 1993 until 8/1994 head of the section “Marine Environmental Protection” of the Agency.

From 1990 to 1992 I was the head of the section „Refineries, Fuels and Reduction of Organic Compounds”.

From the 1st of July 2008 consultant.

I started my career after a job in the chemical industry in the Umweltbundesamt in the section “Reduction of Air Pollution from Traffic”.

Special interest: Sustainable Transport, Climate Gas Reduction, non regulated emissions, fuel influence on the emissions, bio fuels

Consultancy for the World Bank, GIZ, ADB and other international bodies in a number of development countries, including China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil etc.

Numerous presentations and scientific publications.

Involved in the rule making process in Europe for the emissions standards for cars, trucks and fuels.

Former Chairman of the OECD working group on transport

Member of the Committee of the German transport ministry for the implementation of the National Bicycle Plan

Member of the Advisory Committee of the German Bicycle Academy

Member of the scientific advisory committee of the VCD (Verkehrsclub Deutschland)

Founding member of ICCT ( International Council for Clean Transport )

Advisor for NABU for shipping

Haagen- Smit Award 2006

Speaker Bjarke Staal
General Manager, Termoil

Bjarke has worked over 25 years in the bunkering industry, for both traders/brokers and physical suppliers. Until recently, he worked for one of the World’s largest Bunker Trading House, BMS UNITED, as Director for Credit, Claims and Legal. Since Spring 2021, he joined TERMOIL LTD as Partner and General Manager. Termoil is a worldwide Bunker trader, with offices in the United Kingdom, Greece and Cyprus, and are Physical Suppliers in Novorossiysk, Russian Black Sea.

He has spoken on several Bunker conferences and Leading up to 2020, he has hosted many internal and external seminars, including Training Seminars for traders and on behalf of BIMCO and P&I Clubs for their Members.

Speaker Britt Russell-Webster
Associate Editor, Refined Products, S&P Global Platts

Britt Russell-Webster is a Marine Fuel Pricing Specialist at S&P Global Platts in London, focussing on current supply and demand fundamentals as well as upcoming environmental regulations. Prior to joining Platts, Britt worked for a marine and automotive lubricant additive supplier, where she specialised on European chemical regulations. Britt has a Master’s degree in Chemistry from Newcastle University in the UK.

Speaker Ulrich Hyldedahl Rasmussen
Vice President, Credit Risk Management, Sing Fuels


Speaker Anna Stefanou
Finance Manager and Business Development, PMG Holding

Anna comes from finance background having spent more than a decade in investment banking working for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Societe Generale. Before banking Anna graduated from Warwick Business School, Imperial College and Sorbonne Universities majoring in Economics & Finance. Anna joined PMG HOLDING in her current role in 2016. Anna is a member of WISTA.

PMG HOLDING are originally physical suppliers in Black Sea and Azov Sea, operating in the region since 2002. PMG supply all 13 ports in Ukraine (both at berth and anchorage), most ports in Azov, and Kavkaz in Russia (both at berth and offshore). PMG supply via own fleet of bunker tankers and trucks.

Today PMG is also a global bunker trader with offices in London, Limassol, Athens and Lausanne.

Speaker Michael Schaap
Commercial Director Marine, Titan LNG

Michael Schaap is the commercial director marine at Titan LNG B.V. and in that capacity responsible for the development of the marine and bunkering proposition for Titan LNG.

In the past Michael has had various roles in the bunker industry, mainly involved on the commercial & trading activities for physical suppliers such as Shell Marine Products and Argos bunkering.

Actual bunkering experience has proven to be helpful to translate the needs of vessel owners and operators to a LNG bunkering supply proposition, resulting in several milestone projects and deliveries of LNG as a marine fuel.

Michael has a degree from Nyenrode Business University.

Speaker Nellos Filopoulos
Director, Mediterranean and Black Sea, Propeller Fuels Greece

Director, Med & Black Sea
Director of the newly established Greek branch of U.K. based physical supplier and worldwide trader Propeller Fuels Ltd.

General Manager of the Greek branch since inception. The office has grown rapidly to a 10 staff branch within 4 years and by the end of 2017 was listed number 6 in profitability among the Group’s 15 offices worldwide.

Bunkering Manager

Senior Manager, Marine Fuels of worldwide independent bunker supplier listed in NYSE.

Bunkering Manager responsible for the Piraeus and Limassol offices of the Group.

General Manager at the London office of the Greek Bunker Trading Company Sheffield Maritime (Petroleum) ltd.

General Manager of newly formed Piraeus office of UK Trader BRIDGE OIL (UK) LTD.

Up to September 1987 – Bunker Sales (Supply , Solicitation) and Credit Control in Bunkers, Lubricants.
In October 1987 I was promoted to Local Bunkering Manager.

Accounts Dept. – Responsible for checking/approving the Disbursements Accounts for a fleet of 26 vessels.

Accounts Dept. – Responsible for checking/approving the Disbursements Accounts.
Also had training courses in Insurance/Claims, Masters Accounts, Freight/Demurrage Dept.

Speaker Dr. Nikolaos Liapis
Supply and Operations Director, Elinoil

Dr. Nikolaos Liapis is a Mechanical Engineer, MEng NTUA and he holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering. His main areas of specialization are fuels and lubricants, tanker ships management, logistics and biofuels, as he has worked for more than 25 years in managerial positions in the Oil Sector. The last 15 years he was occupied as Chief Operations Officer in ELINOIL SA, an oil distribution company, as General Manager to ELIN SHIPPING, an affiliate shipping company, operating small tankers and as Chairman of BLUEFUEL SA, an affiliate LNG distribution company.

He is highly experienced in project management, overseeing projects as biodiesel production plant design and construction, fuel depots, construction and tanker design and construction.

Dr. Liapis is a coordinator and a member of committees of the Hellenic Petroleum Marketing Companies Association (SEEPE). He is a founding member of the Greek Association of Biofuel Producers (now SVIVE), Member of the Board of Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association (HSSA), Member of the Board of Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (HIMT), member of the Downstream Committee of South East Europe Energy Institute (IENE) and member of the Lloyd’s Register Technical Committee. He has been Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Marine LNG Network and of the Biofuels Technology Platform.

He is a lecturer at University of Piraeus, and at Business College of Athens and has been a lecturer at Athens Metropolitan College teaching Energy Policies, Maritime Logistics, Shipping and Strategic Management. He was a speaker at a significant number of conferences on energy, fuels, biofuels and shipping and he has been the representative of the European Biodiesel Board (EBB) in Greece. He is a writer of several books on nutrition, diet and cooking.

Speaker Nicholas Argyrou
General Manager, Bunkernet

Nicholas is the General Manager of Bunkernet and based in Limassol, Cyprus. He has over 20 years’ experience in the supply of Marine equipment, Bunkers and Lubricants.

His specialisation is bunker trading in the major bunkering hubs and in niche ports of the Med, Baltic, Black Sea and Middle East.

He has broad experience in bunker supply solutions for vessels in the Offshore, Cruise and Navy segments and with managing FFP solutions in all shipping segments.

Nicholas is currently focused on advising clients on how to optimise the bunker value chain and in formulating road maps for transition and compliance in line with the European Green Deal Initiative.

Speaker Nicole Leonard
Head of EMEA Custom Solutions, Custom Analytics and Consulting Services, S&P Global Platts

Ms. Leonard manages Platts Analytics cross-commodity analytics and client engagement, showcasing Platts Analytics integrated outlook on the interdependency of commodities and the fundamentals and trends that drive individual commodity markets. She has held senior analyst positions on Platts Analytics’ crude oil, NGL, and natural gas teams and managed countless Custom Analytics bespoke projects, during which time she contributed to various reports, built relevant and durable quantitative models, and facilitated the expansion of crude and product analysis at Platts Analytics. Ms. Leonard provides commodity market updates to over 100 S&P Global clients per year, and showcases Platts Analytics’ analysis at over a dozen conferences, annual meetings, and forums per year.

Speaker Andrew Wilson
Head of Research and Consultancy Services, BRS Brokers

Andrew Wilson is the Head of Research and Consultancy Services at Barry Rogliano Salles (BRS) shipbroker in Paris, France. Although he coordinates the company’s research across the whole shipping spectrum, his specialties are oil and tanker markets. He is the editor of Alphatanker, a suite of weekly and monthly publications jointly produced by BRS and AXSMarine. Andrew also oversees BRS’ maritime and energy consultancy business. Before joining BRS in 2016, Andrew was a Senior Oil Market Analyst at the International Energy Agency. There he was co-author of the Agency’s benchmark Monthly and Medium-Term Oil Market Reports while also being the IEA’s expert on tanker and bunker fuel markets. Andrew began his career in 2005 at BP. He is regularly quoted on newswires and in international trade publications and is a regular speaker on oil, tanker and general shipping markets at international conferences. He holds a doctorate from the University of Exeter, UK.

Speaker Guido Cardullo
Head of Business Development, Fratelli Cosulich

Guido Cardullo is the Head of Business Development of Fratelli Cosulich, a world leading bunker trading company with offices in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Dubai, Athens, Genoa, Monaco and New York.

Before that, he was Managing Director of the Singapore office of Fratelli Cosulich, where they operate as a physical supplier with a fleet of 6 owned bunker barges. Mr Cardullo joined Fratelli Cosulich in 2011

Speaker Sönke Diesener
Transport Policy Officer, NABU

Sönke Diesener (*1985), since 2014 works for NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. / Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) headquarters in Berlin. As Transport Policy Officer his central topic is air pollution, especially from ships and harbours. For NABU's local office in Hamburg he is in charge for port-city-relations, sustainable urban development and air quality. Sönke Diesener holds a master degree in Geography from University of Hamburg with special focus on climate and governance. At NABU he is responsible for a variety of activities dealing with shipping and ports. Stakeholder dialogue, exchange with authorities, public consultations and information for public and media on shipping and port business’ impact on environment, health and climate is Mr Dieseners daily work. He is co-author of NABUs publications and material on air pollution from shipping and port business and supervises commissioned works. He published essays on environmental regulation and solutions to reduce emissions from ships in online and print journals and periodicals. Mr Diesener worked in the EU LIFE plus five-year sub-project “Clean Air in Ports” (part of the award winning LIFE project “Clean Air”) and is one of the authors of the 2015 published “Clean Air in Ports Manual”, a comprehensive summary on technical and legislative measures to decrease air pollution from shipping and port activities. The manual gathered the outcome of a serious of stakeholder conferences in major European port cities hosted by NABU. Recently Mr Diesener is in charge for the NABU-led NGO campaign to designate the Mediterranean Sea as an ECA. Mr Diesener on behalf of NABU organises the “Maritime Abgasrunde” a Germany focused conference series on air pollution from maritime industries. He is NABUs representative at national preparatory meetings for IMO’s PPR and MEPC on behalf of federal ministry of transport. Sönke Diesener regularly speaks at national and international conferences. Furthermore, he helps citizen based movement organisations and grass root initiatives to raise their voice on air pollution in port and coastal communities in Germany, in Mediterranean countries, but also in Peoples Republic of China. Mr Diesener’s statements and comments are regularly picked up by regional, domestic and international media. Sönke Diesener together with NABUs scientific adviser conducted several air quality testings’ in ports all over Europe as well as on board ships. He is responsible for latest installation of a new air pollution monitoring system at the Port of Hamburg that starts operation in spring 2019. Mr Diesener speaks German and English and has basic knowledge in French and Mandarin.

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