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We are delighted to announce that the date for S&P Global Platts European Petrochemicals Conference has been confirmed for November 22, 2021.

The past 18 months have been a period of disruption in the petrochemicals industry, with the pandemic impacting long-term plans for sustainability and changing how the upstream interacts with the market.

In these times of great disruption, it is important to make smart decisions to remain competitive in an ever-changing petrochemical landscape. Whether this is realigning with sustainability goals or adopting new technologies, being in the know is vital for success in 2021 and beyond.

Join us on November 22 and hear key industry players share their insights on how the sector is adapting to these turbulent times and the road ahead.


Conference Focus Areas:

— 2021 in review: assessing the slow road to recovery for the global markets, and its impact on the petrochemicals industry
— A focus on feedstocks and the emergence of green feedstocks
— Recycled plastics - Will Europe reach its 2025 plastics recycling targets?
— Outlook for Petrochemical sustainability in a post-covid market
— And much more


Going Virtual

While we're running this year’s event virtually, we'll still have the high-caliber content and speakers the industry depends upon. You can expect content-rich sessions, in-depth discussions, lively Q&A, networking, prizes, exhibit booths, and much more, all within an immersive online environment.

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Monday, November 22, 2021 
  • 09:30 Networking
  • 09:30 Chair’s welcoming remarks
    Anna Crowley, Editorial Director, European Pricing, S&P Global Platts
      • 09:45 KEYNOTE: Sustainability in Petrochemicals— Maintaining a healthy petrochemical industry in Europe
        — Increasing production efficiency and decreasing energy input in Petrochemicals
        — Renewable Feedstocks
        — Sustainable solutions and products
        Kate Johnson, General Manager Sustainability and Decarbonisation, Shell Chemicals + Products
      • 10:15 Petrochemicals market update and outlook for 2022— A review of the Aromatics and Olefins markets in 2021
        — Changing global trade flows and the impact on the Petrochemical sector
        — Demand outlook – where are we headed for 2022?
        Eshwar Yennigalla, Senior Analyst, Petrochemicals, S&P Global Platts
    • 10:45 FIRESIDE CHAT: Understanding the role of the Petrochemicals industry in driving sustainability— What is the role of the Petrochemicals industry and EU authorities in realizing globally set sustainability goals?
      — How can they work together to enhance sustainability in the petrochemical industry?
      — Comparing government legislation and efforts from individual companies: How do they align?
      Hartwig Michels, President Petrochemicals, BASF
      Moderator: Charlotte Radford, Market engagement specialist, hydrogen & energy transition, S&P Global Platts
  • 11:15 Break

  • 11:45 KEYNOTE: Transformation towards a sustainable future in the Petrochemical industry
    — The industry’s carbon neutrality journey
    — Driving a circular economy for plastics
    — Embracing collaboration, innovation, and risk
    Frank Kuijpers, General Manager, Corporate Sustainability, SABIC

    • 12:15 INTERVIEW: Net Zero by 2050: A roadmap for the European petrochemicals industry— Short, medium and long-term targets in Petrochemicals: What more needs to be done?
      — What does the recent IPCC report mean for the industry?
      — Evolution of petrochemical feedstocks
      — Drive towards resource effective production
      Frans Stokman, Executive Director Petrochemicals, CEFIC
      Moderator: Ora Lazic, Senior Market Engagement Lead, S&P Global Platts

    • 12:45 CASE STUDY: Circular economy and energy transition: A challenge or opportunity for business?— An industry view on the transformation journey
      — Turning waste into high quality products
      — Fulfilling downstream sustainability promises
      Ryszard Ksiazek,Expert in Hydrogen Transition and Renewable Fuel Team, PKN Orlen S.A.
  • 13:15Plastic recycling: Save from landfill and from skyfill
    — What is the current state of play in plastics recycling?
    — How to build a circular economy for plastics?
    — What is the future of plastic recycling in Europe

    Ton Emans, President, Plastics Recyclers Europe

    • 13:35 PANEL DISCUSSION: Innovations in plastics and recycling— How is the packaging industry moving towards the increasing recycling of products?
      — Will demand for polymers reduce as new types of sustainable polymers are developed?
      — How is a circular economy being utilised in the plastics industry?
      — Targets, taxes, EPRs and capabilities – what’s next and what needs to be done?
      Greg DeKunder, VP of Marketing and Circular Economy, NOVA Chemicals
      Linda Duijs, Program Manager Circular Economy Global Sustainability, LyondellBasell
      Ton Emans, President, Plastics Recyclers Europe
      Moderator: Benjamin Brooks, Global Lead, Recycled Plastics, S&P Global Platts

    • 14:15 Break
      • 14:45 PANEL DISCUSSION: Evolution of the Petrochemical supply chain and the business — Market dynamics: Impact of high energy prices, COVID-19, and energy transition on the supply chain
        — What do consumers ask for and what is the industry expecting?
         Product landscape and a review of the market: Feedstocks and downstream demand
         Overcome supply chain disruption: Tank storage market, availability of gas, lack of containers, port congestion  
         Trade flow and arbitrage opportunities
        Dorothee Arns, Director General, European Association of Chemical Distributors
        Josep Forcadell, Commercial and Business Development Manager, VOPAK
        Jordi Angles
        , Commercial Manager, Port of Tarragona
        Maxim Remchukov, Sustainable Development Director, SIBUR
        Alexander Guslisty, CEO and Founder, Big Atom
        Moderator: Luke Milner
        , Managing Editor, Olefins and Polymers, EMEA Petrochemicals, S&P Global Platts

      • 15:45      The future long term drivers of plastics — Single Use Plastics and the multiple government regulations and bans: Unintended consequences
        — Mechanical versus chemical plastics waste recycling.
        — Ethane versus naphtha ethylene feedstock and propylene via PDH process.
        — Peaking gasoline demand and repurposing the refinery blend-stocks as a source of Petrochemical feedstocks and aromatics supply from the reformer.
        — Oil to chemicals: Refinery integration with multi feedstock ethylene crackers and derivatives.
        Robert Stier
        , Senior Lead Global Petrochemicals with Platts Analytics, S&P Global Platts

      • 16:00 Chair’s closing remarks
        Anna Crowley, Editorial Director, European Pricing, S&P Global Platts

      • 16:15 Close of virtual conference


Kate 100.jpgKate Johnson
General Manager, Sustainability and Decarbonisation, Shell Chemicals + Products

Kate Johnson took up her current role as General Manager for Sustainability and Decarbonisation in August 2021. Kate joined Shell in the UK in 1986 after completing a chemistry degree. Her career in Shell has been largely in the chemicals business - in commercial roles in different product lines, as well as in projects. Her previous role was General Manager Intermediates in Shell Chemicals Europe. Outside Shell Chemicals, Kate has enjoyed periods in crude oil trading, Group Finance, procurement and the Shell Bitumen and Sulphur businesses.

Fran Kuijpers.jpgFrank Kuijpers
General Manager, Corporate Sustainability, SABIC

Frank Kuijpers has over 30 years of international business experience in Engineering, Licensing, Manufacturing, Business, and Strategy, having worked in a number of different countries, including the Netherlands, United States of America, Belgium, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Frank’s main motivation is to bring continuous improvement to organizations, so as to enable agility to adapt for future needs, in order to meet company strategic objectives.

Frank has held senior executive positions since 2000 in research & development, strategy, large capital project management, licensing and a business transformation process. In his current role, working from the SABIC offices in the Netherlands, he manages global corporate sustainability.

Before the acquisition by SABIC in 2002, Frank worked for Royal DSM NV for 15 years. He started at the licensing subsidiary Stamicarbon, and gained his broad experience through various positions in licensing, engineering, manufacturing, and business. Frank took up the current position of General Manager Corporate Sustainability in March 2017.

HartwigHartwig Michels
President Petrochemicals, BASF

Hartwig Michels joined BASF in 1992 where he started his career in the Finance department. Having held senior managing positions in Controlling and Global Marketing in Germany and Singapore, he headed different global and regional business units. In 2008, he became President of BASF’s Procurement. Hartwig Michels was appointed President Region Europe & MEA in 2013 and assumed his current position as President Petrochemicals Division in 2017. He has a background in banking and studied Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Frans 100x100.jpgFrans Stokman
Executive Director Petrochemicals, CEFIC

On 1 May 2020, Frans Stokman took up the position of Executive Director of Petrochemicals Europe, an industry sector of Cefic. Frans has extensive experience in the global oil, gas and petrochemical industry. He has a proven track record in striking complex deals between the private and public sectors. He worked for over 25 years for Shell before joining Cefic. Frans is a Chemical engineer and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Throughout his career, he has held a broad range of senior management positions including Global Marketing & Sales Manager in London and The Hague, Director of Shell Lubricants Supply Co. and Business Manager of the Gas-To-Liquids JV between Shell Global Lubricants and Qatar Petroleum (QP). He has global experience in the fields of chemicals, lubricants, base oils, Gas-To- Liquid (GTL), Gas, Floating LNG and has worked all over the world including in the US, Middle East, Far East and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Frans is particularly experienced in helping companies or businesses manage change and transition. He was appointed Shell Policy & Commercial Manager Earthquake Damages when the Dutch province of Groningen was hit by earthquakes due to gas production. He developed and established policies and protocols and facilitated the handover of these activities to the Dutch State. He actively working the Green Deal transition with its associated challenges and opportunities for the petrochemicals industry, liaising actively with the Far East, Middle East and USA on the themes of circularity and sustainability.

Linda 100x100.jpg Linda Duijs
Program Manager Circular Economy Global Sustainability, LyondellBasell

As the Program Manager Circular Economy in LyondellBasell’s Global Sustainability Team, Linda is responsible for managing the company’s corporate program for circular economy. Linda helps to steer the company’s ambition and strategy based on the circularity goals. She supports the various work streams to ensure alignment with the overall corporate sustainability strategy. Linda has worked in a variety of commercial roles within LyondellBasell in the last 10 years and she is based in Rotterdam.

Greg 100x100.jpg Greg DeKunder
VP of Marketing and Circular Economy, NOVA Chemicals

Greg DeKunder is Vice President of Marketing for NOVA Chemicals’ polyethylene business. In his role, he is responsible for accelerating customers’ success through a dedicated focus on their needs and ambitions. In addition, Greg leads NOVA Chemicals’ circular economy strategy including the company’s entry into the PCR business, which helps customers gain easy access to this valuable, in-demand material and the expertise in how to use it effectively. Before joining NOVA Chemicals in 2018, Greg spent more than 25 years at Total S.A., most recently heading Base Chemicals, Americas within their refining and chemicals business.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas, and an MBA from the University of Houston. With a passion for accelerating the plastics circular economy, Greg sits on the PLASTICS Material Suppliers Council and is the NOVA Chemicals’ Limited Partner Advisory Committee member for the Closed Loop Circular Plastics Fund. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and three daughters and enjoys hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities.

Ryszard Ryszard Ksiazek
Expert in Hydrogen Transition and Renewable Fuel Team, PKN Orlen S.A.
Ton V2 100X100.jpgTon Emans
President, Plastics Recyclers Europe

Ton Emans has more than 30 years’ experience in the plastic recycling process. He is Director Group Recycling. Ton Emans started his career with DSM in Geleen, The Netherlands and worked as researcher in the field of environment and safety. In 1991, he relocated to a subsidiary of DSM called REKO, a company which started to recycle plastics in 1979. As an Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Manager he became familiar with plastic recycling. After the merger with Wavin Re-use into Arena Recycling he was named Purchasing Manager.

After the bankruptcy of Arena Recycling in 2000 Ton searched for a new owner for the site in Geleen and found CeDo willing to buy her own recycling plant. He was named Managing Director.

In 2004, Ton Emans extended his responsibilities and moved to Mönchengladbach, Germany where he was named Supply Chain Managing Director of CeDo Group. Ton Emans holds a Master of Science in occupational health and safety from the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands and has completed several business programs.

In 2011, Ton Emans has been named President of PRE, a non-profit organization whose members are European plastic recyclers. PRE represents National Associations and Individual companies covering 80% of the European market. PRE actively promotes the increase of plastics recycling and supports the transition towards circular economy.

Dorothee 100x100.png Dorothee Arns
Director General, European Association of Chemical Distributors

Of German nationality, Dorothee Arns is a seasoned public affairs and business professional with vast experience in successfully leading profit and nonprofit organisations. Her professional career in the chemical industry started in 1995 at BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany, where in the course of the years she held senior management positions in various areas of BASF chemicals' business, notably in marketing, sales, eBusiness and controlling. In the non-profit area Dorothee Arns served as Executive Director of Petrochemicals Europe at Cefic from 2013 to 2019 and beforehand, from 2006 to 2011, she had already worked as Director General of the European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG). During all these years in Brussels, she has built up an extensive network of contacts within the EU Institutions and far beyond. On 1 June 2019 she was appointed Managing Director of Fecc, the European Association of Chemical Distributors.

Dorothee studied in Germany, Ireland and Spain and holds Master degrees in Business Administration as well as in Applied Languages & Linguistics.

Josep Josep Forcadell
Commercial & Business Development Manager, VOPAK

Josep Forcadell is Vopak Terquimsa`s Commercial & Customer Service Director. He has over 15 years’ experience in international context in chemicals and logistics companies, focused mainly on import-export, sale, and business development and key account management roles. Amongst his clients are the major chemical global companies such as Dow, Shell, Sabic, Covestro, Repsol, among many others. Josep Forcadell is also in charge Vopak Terquimsa’s Marketing & Communication and has a degree in Marketing and International Commerce.

Jordi2 100x100.jpg Jordi Angles
Commercial Manager, Port of Tarragona
Maxim Maxim Remchukov
Sustainable Development Director, SIBUR
Anna 100x100.png Anna Crowley
Editorial Director, Europe Pricing, S&P Global Platts

Anna Crowley is editorial director at S&P Global Platts. She moved to petrochemicals in 2017 to head the EMEA region having previously led Platts European natural gas and power pricing business. Anna joined Platts in 2008, covering electricity markets and managing reporting teams. Prior to that she was an editor with S&P Global Ratings specializing in Corporate and Infrastructure Finance.

Ben brooks 100x100.jpg Benjamin Brooks
Global Lead, Recycled Plastics, S&P Global Platts

Ben is the global lead for recycled plastics and is responsible for S&P Global Platts’ recycled plastics price assessments as well as news content. Ben also assesses the recycled plastics markets in the UK and Europe. Ben joined the petrochemicals team at Platts in 2018, starting with coverage of aromatics markets as well as virgin PET.

Luke 100x99.png Luke Milner
Managing Editor, Olefins and Polymers, EMEA Petrochemicals, S&P Global Platts

Luke Milner joined Platts in October 2017 and is currently managing editor of the European olefins and polymers team. Luke has over six years’ experience reporting on petrochemical markets in Europe and, prior to moving into the petrochemical markets, spent several years reporting on a diverse range of industries, including banking, shipping and retail. Luke studied Modern European Languages at the University of Durham and has spent time working in Italy, France and Brazil, as well as in the UK.

Ora 100x100.jpg Ora Lazic
Senior Market Engagement Lead, S&P Global Platts

Ora Lazic is S&P Global Platts Global Market Engagement Lead in Energy Transition and Petrochemicals, where she meets external stakeholders/entities, presenting the Platts pricing approach, methodology and sharing insights in the newly emerging Energy Transition sector and its cross-commodity impact. Ora keeps her focus on the voluntary carbon market and low carbon commodities, while also tracking the sustainability shift in the wider energy complex and downstream petrochemical industry. Ora joined Platts in 2018, as an editor for EMEA petrochemical markets, became a go to person for the ethylene and major polymer products, building on her previous experience in project consulting for the energy, petrochemical industry. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations & Globalization and spent more than 20 years of her career within transnational oil and gas field operations in Kazakhstan, Russia, UK. Ora speaks English, Russian and Kazakh languages.

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