Will the high prices in Europe change the domestic market dynamics?

High prices may be doing their part, but the European sugar industry still finds itself on a challenging path, contending with fresh hurdles stemming from climate change impacts and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, alongside fierce competition from lower-cost sources within the domestic market.

As 2024 approaches, the question looms: Will it be a year of adaptation or evolution for the European sugar sector? Europe's pivotal sugar event is set to return to Geneva in 2024, serving as the exclusive gathering point for Europe's foremost sugar producers, traders, and buyers. 

Key themes covered at the Geneva Sugar Conference 

- European price outlook – will 2023 sky-high Sugar prices be enough to trigger the supply response needed to clear out the deficit?

- How is the European Sugar industry adapting to stricter environmental regulations at a time when the weather is playing havoc?

- Beyond Neonicotinoids: Innovative approaches and strategies for beet Growers to address pest management challenges

- How are new trade agreements with cheaper origins impacting trade flows in Europe and their domestic growers?

- Exploring the white premium outlook and its impact on trade flows in Europe and MENA

Who attends?

- Regional and international Sugar producers
- Senior Sugar traders
- Sugar buyers
- Leading consultants and advisors
- Financiers, banks and analysts
- Global press and industry association

Training Course: Agriculture Commercial Strategies - Tuesday, 16 April

Dive deep into the intricacies of agricultural and commercial strategies in this comprehensive full-day training course. Industry experts will lead this course and cover market analysis, risk management, and strategic planning explicitly tailored to the agricultural sector.

Whether a seasoned professional or new to the industry, this course offers valuable insights to enhance your expertise and drive success in agricultural trading and commerce.


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Why attend

Attendees can anticipate gaining invaluable insights into the ever-dynamic landscape of Europe's sugar market, including crucial assessments of supply, demand, and trade trends, all in the quest to decipher whether 2024 will mark a period of adaptation or profound evolution for the industry.

2024 Agenda

Day 0: Tuesday, April 16th, 2024
  • Training Course: Agriculture Commercial Strategies - Tuesday, 16 April
          • Dive deep into the intricacies of agricultural and commercial strategies in this comprehensive full-day training course. Industry experts will lead this course and cover market analysis, risk management, and strategic planning explicitly tailored to the agricultural sector. Whether a seasoned professional or new to the industry, this course offers valuable insights to enhance your expertise and drive success in agricultural trading and commerce.

    Day 1: Wednesday, April 17th, 2024
          • Geneva Sugar Conference
                    • 08:00 am Registration and networking breakfast
                    • 09:00 am Chair’s welcoming remarks
                                • 09:15 am Keynote Speech
                                  Alexander Godow, Chief Operating Officer,  Nordzucker
                                • 09:40 am Global sugar price overview and world market dynamics in sugar
                                  • Understand factors influencing global sugar prices and their significance
                                  • Analyze recent trends, market forces, and external factors impacting sugar prices worldwide
                                  • Review global sugar market's current state and consequences for European sugar production
                                  Stefan Uhlenbrock, Associate Director,  S&P Global Commodity Insights
                                • 10:05 am Panel: European outlook for 2024: Will soaring prices spark a resurgence in beet cultivation?
                                  • Examine underlying factors driving fluctuations in sugar prices within the European context
                                  • Explore potential strategies and incentives to rekindle interest in sugar beet cultivation
                                  • Potential impact of increased beet cultivation on the European sugar industry and the broader agricultural landscape

                                  Doriana Milenova, Analyst Farm Inputs and Sugar, RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness
                                  Paul Mesters, CEO, Cosun Beet Company
                                  Volodymyr Zakharchenko, Head of Sugar Sales, Astarta Holding plc
                                  Moderator: Boa Ying NgAssociate Director, APAC Market EngagementS&P Global Commodity Insights
                                • 10:45 am Networking & refreshment break

                                • 11:15 am TBC
                                • 11:45 am Panel: Farmers' challenges and regulatory realities: Shaping the future of beet cultivation
                                  • Examine underlying factors driving fluctuations in sugar prices within the European context
                                  •  Underlying motivations driving farmers to favor sugar beet cultivation over other fields crops
                                  •  Delve into the regulatory hurdles that diminish the appeal of sugar beet cultivation for farmers
                                  •  Evaluate the level of interest among farmers in sowing sugar beet crops amidst high prices
                                  •  Revitalizing beet cultivation to enhance domestic sugar market sustainability
                                  •  Explore the importance of understanding regulatory intricacies in sugar beet cultivation

                                  Elisabeth Lacoste, Director, CIBE
                                  Koen Dillen, Head of Unit, Sugar Sector, European Commission
                                  Michael Sly, Chair, NFU Sugar
                                  Timothee Masson, Economist, CGB
                                • 12:30 pm Neonics alternatives: Exploring new strategies for beet growers
                                  • Impact of the neonicotinoid ban on beet growers and the need for urgent alternative solutions
                                  •  Explore seed companies' innovative efforts to develop practical alternatives
                                  • Gain insights from field experts on practical strategies to address neonicotinoid ban
                                • 12:55 pm Networking Lunch
            • 2:10 pmTurning sugar into protein: A win-win for the sugar industry and food-tech
              • Using proprietary fermentation technology to convert sugar side-streams and main-streams into high quality protein Mycoprotein
              • The benefits of Mycoprotein: 10 times less GHG emissions compared to meat, whilst offering rich nutritional value and a high sales margin

              David Brandes, Co-founder and CEO,  Planetary
            • 2:35 pmExamine trade flows in EU and Britain
              • Unpacking unilateral agreements: Ukraine and beyond
              • Uncover the driving forces behind studying free trade agreements in Europe's trade flows
              • Dive into the mechanics shaping sugar and grain exports, revealing trade intricacies
              • Investigate how these agreements affect price forecasts, unveiling broader implications for the European market

              Marie-Christine Ribera, Director General,  CEFS
            • 3:00 pm Panel: Commodity risk and market dynamics: Navigating uncertainties in the sugar industry
              • Explore how confectionary and beverage leaders manage commodity risk in supply chains
              • Uncover the strategies employed by companies to navigate the effects of market fluctuations.
              • Discuss collaborative approaches for stability between sugar producers and end-users

              Corinna Olearo, Head of Commodity Research and Price Risk Management, Nestle
              Lawrence Cohen, Associate Director, Commodity Risk Management, Coca-Cola
              Yuriy Sharanov, Head of Sugar Sourcing and Price Risk Management, Mars Wrigley Confectionary
              Moderator: Rebecca Li, Senior Editor, Biofuels, S&P Global Commodity Insights
            • 10:45 am Networking & refreshment break
            • 3:45 pm End of Day One Chair Remarks
            • 4:00 pm Networking Drinks Reception

        Day 2: Thursday, April 18th, 2024
                • Geneva Sugar Conference
                    • 8:30 am Networking breakfast
                    • 9:00 am Chair’s recap of day one
                          • 9:15 am Fireside Chat: Future of sugar trade relationships: Europe and Britain
                            • Explore the changing trade dynamics between Europe and Britain in the post-Brexit era
                            • Discuss the impact of these changes on the sugar trade and related industries
                            • Examine the future of trade agreements and partnerships between Europe and Britain, providing insights into potential developments in the sugar trade

                            Panel Moderator: Jessica Edinger, Lead Analyst, Sugar Research,  S&P Global Commodity Insights
                          • 9:45 am Panel: Global Trade Dynamics: Australia, EU, and Mercosur SA
                            • Explore emerging sugar trade between Australia and the EU, reshaping the global market
                            • Examine new trade flows' impact, addressing the UK's deficit with imports from third countries
                            • Delve into Mercosur SA trade impacts, focusing on South America-EU dynamics
                            • Discuss disruptions caused by environmental concerns in Brazil, affecting pricing
                            • Explore challenges in balancing trade while addressing environmental issues, including rainforest preservation

                            Tracey Allen, Agricultural Commodities Strategist, JP Mogan
                            Jean-Vincent Henry Francois Piot, Head of Sugar International Development, Raizen
                            Panel Moderator: Jose Orive, Executive Director, International Sugar Organization
                                • 10:25 am Interview: White premium outlook: A global perspective
                                  • Explore Europe's limited interest in the white premium market and the influencing factors
                                  • Examine how India and Asia impact the white premium market and trade dynamics
                                  • Europe's receptiveness to external influences in navigating the white premium market

                                  Philip Ryan, Head of White Sugar Trading,  Engelhart
                                  Panel Moderator: Maria Nunez, Senior Sugar Analyst, S&P Global Commodity Insights
                                • 10:45 am Networking & refreshment break
                                • 11:15 am Building capacity and expanding reach: MENA refineries and global trade
                                  • Explore new sugar refining capacity in MENA and its global trade objectives
                                  • Examine challenges in reaching international markets like Europe and South America
                                  • Assess logistical intricacies and opportunities in delivering sugar from MENA to global markets
            • 11:40 am Sustainability and the future of organic sugar production
              •  Discuss growing demand for organic sugar and its sustainability impact
              • Explore European companies organic sugar production initiatives and expansion
              •  Assess the future of organic sugar production, considering market demand and sustainability objectives
            • 12:05 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks
            • 12:15 pm Lunch and End of Conference

        Agenda subject to change.

        Training courses at Geneva Sugar Conference 2024
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        Key numbers


        Producers / Refiners






        Bank / Investment


        Service Providers


        blankpixel.pngAlexander Godow ,
        COO, Nordzucker AG

        • Member of the Nordzucker AG Executive Board since 1 January 2022
        • Areas of responsibility: Digitalization & Technology Service, GoGreen, Operations, Product & Quality Management, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain Management

        blankpixel.pngCorinna Olearo,
        Head of Commodity Research and Price Risk Management, Nestle

        Head of Commodity Research and Price risk management for Nestlé. Years of experience in commodity market research.

        SpeakerDavid Brandes,
        Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Planetary

        David Brandes’s passion evolves around doing well by doing good. For the planet, for the animals and for innovation. He believes that evolving our manufacturing systems through biotechnology is a historical opportunity to secure planetary health. Previously, David led Migros Online as CCO, and was an engagement manager at McKinsey & Co. David is also the co-founder of Belgium cell-based meat brand Peace of Meat, a company he successfully exited through the acquisition of a NASDAQ-listed partner.

        SpeakerDoriana Milenkova,
        Analyst Farm Inputs and Sugar, RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness

        Doriana Milenkova Analyst – Farm Inputs, Sugar Based in the Netherlands, Doriana works as an analyst for RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness, focusing on farm inputs and sugar. She worked for many years as a policy advisor on agriculture, food, and nature for Bulgaria and Moldovia at the Dutch Embassy in Sofia. Prior to that, she worked for a grain and commodity broker. Doriana holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia. She is proficient in Bulgarian, English, and Russian and has a basic understanding of Dutch.

        SpeakerElisabeth Lacoste,
        Director, CIBE

        Elisabeth Lacoste is an agro-economist, she obtained a Master’s degree in agronomy from the “AgroParisTech” in France (Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon, France) and a Doctorate in industrial economics from “Mines ParisTech” (France). After experience as a researcher, specializing in agricultural policy and market regulations, she worked for a sugar company in North Germany and as a consultant on world agricultural commodities markets for various agricultural organisations as well as private companies.Since 2006, she is Director of the International Confederation of European Beet Growers (CIBE) based in Brussels, Belgium. CIBE defends and represents the interest of around 130,000 sugar beet growers in Europe.

        Jean Vincent Piot.jpgJean-Vincent Piot,
        Head of Sugar International Development, Raizen

        An HEC Paris graduate, Jean-Vincent has worked in the agricultural commodities industry since 2008 for several companies such as Louis Dreyfus, Wilmar and Ameropa, primarily in sugar but also in grains and vegetable oil. He has been involved in various roles across trading and supply & demand analysis, management, corporate finance, M&A and strategy. He recently joined Raizen in Geneva as Head of Sugar International Development.

        Jean Vincent Piot.jpgJessica Edinger,
        Global Manager, Sugar Analytics, S&P Global Commodity Insights

        Biography coming soon.

        SpeakerJose Orive,
        Executive Director, ISO Sugar

        José Orive is currently the Executive Director of the International Sugar Organization, a post he assumed in January 2014. He was unanimously reappointed to serve a second period through 2021 and again for a further third term of four years through 2024. Previously Mr. Orive was the Executive Director of the Central American Sugar Association (AICA) for 19 years, where he was responsible for negotiations for the private sugar industry, with emphasis on coordination of joint actions on priority issues, clearinghouse for information relevant to the sector, publications, participation in international forae. Since 2010 he also was a partner in ARTLEX law firm in charge of large corporate clients, distribution contracts and environmental issues and arbitration. Prior to that, Mr. Orive was honored to be a partner at ARIAS & MUÑOZ, a Central American law firm, where he worked for 10 years in corporate, M&A, environmental matters and government affairs/lobbying. He holds a Law Degree from Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala and obtained a Masters in International Law from Georgetown University Law Centre. Soon after graduating in 1985 Mr. Orive took up the post of Minister Counselor for Economic & Commercial Affairs, Embassy of Guatemala, Washington, D.C.

        SpeakerKoen Dillen ,
        Head Of Unit, Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development

        Koen Dillen started his career in the European Commission as a research fellow in its Joint Research Centre. Since 2013 Koen works in the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development. He started as an analyst doing market outlook and has used his analytical skills in a number of roles. Since June 2022 Koen leads the unit monitoring and regulating the markets for arable crops and olive oil. Koen Dillen holds a PhD in agricultural economics from the University of Leuven.

        SpeakerLawrence Cohen,
        Assoicate Director, Commodity Risk Management, Coca Cola

        Biography coming soon.

        SpeakerMarie-Christine Ribera,
        Director General, CEFS

        Marie-Christine Ribera is a French citizen and lives in Brussels. She began her professional career in 1987 with an internship at the European Commission before becoming a policy officer in a variety of settings, initially with the French National Federation of Rural Territory Management and later in the regional Chamber of Commerce of Industry of the lde-de-France region. In 1991, she joined the French National Centre for Young Farmers as Advisor in charge of Community matters. During this time, she was also a substitute member of the Economic and Social Committee of the EU. In 1993, she became the legal advisor to the Director General of the French inter-professional National Cereals Office.

        In 1999, Marie-Christine Ribera joined COPA-COGECA (European Farmers and Cooperatives Association) as Policy Advisor with special responsibility for arable crops and bilateral agreements. She has been deeply involved in the agriculture, environment, and food policies of the European Union, developing a robust network of relations on the Brussels/EU scene.

        In 2008, Marie-Christine Ribera was promoted to Director of Commodities & Trade.

        In 2009, she joined the European Association of Sugar Manufacturers, CEFS (Comite Europeen des Fabricants de Sucre in French) as Director-General.

        SpeakerMichael Sly,
        Chairman, NFU Sugar Board

        Michael chairs NFU Sugar Board meetings and is the lead spokesperson representing sugar beet growers with British Sugar, the media, NFU Council and NFU Policy Board. He represents growers in monthly meetings and annual contract negotiations with British Sugar, playing a key role in the NFU Sugar negotiating team. Michael farms in the Fens of North Cambridgeshire and South Lincolnshire, farming 2000 hectares, across three farming businesses. The family has been involved in drainage and farming in the Fens since the 17th century. The farms grow wheat, spring barley, sugar beet, spring beans, oilseed rape, marrowfat peas and condiment mustard. They are part of the RSPB’s Farmland Bird Friendly Zone, which now covers more than 4000 hectares and landscape scale benefits covering 230km sq. Also with fellow mustard growers, they are working on a landscape scale bee and pollinator project with Unilever. Michael has also served as NFU county chair and the council delegate for Cambridgeshire, the most farmed county in the UK, chairing the East Anglian regional board for four years, as well serving as chair of the NFU Audit committee. Michael is chair of the North Level District Internal Drainage Board, serving 34,000 hectares. He spent 10 years on the Anglian Northern Regional Flood and Coastal Committee. He is currently chair of the English Mustard Growers and vice chair of Condimentum LTD for the milling of mustard seeds and processing mint leaf in Norwich, working with Unilever’s Colman’s brand.

        SpeakerPatricia Luis-Manso,
        Executive Director, Agribusiness Research & Sustainability, S&P Global Commodity Insights

        Patricia Luís-Manso has 20 years of experience in analytical and leadership roles in agri-commodities, investment banking, and network industries. In her current role at S&P Global, Patricia is responsible for Agriculture Research and Sustainability, leading a global team of experts in Soft Commodities, Crop Science, Sustainability and Animal Health to generate essential data and intelligence for the Agribusiness industry.

        SpeakerPaul Mesters,
        Managing Director,  Suiker Unie BV

        Paul Mesters is the CEO of Cosun Beet Company, the sugar beet processor in the Netherlands, and a member of the Executive Board of Royal Cosun, a dutch farmer cooperative with 8100 members. Royal Cosun has a turnover of more than 3 billion Euro’s with the following business groups: Aviko (potato specialties and French Fries), Cosun Beet Company (sugar and other products from sugar beets), Duynie Group (animal feed/circular co-products), Sensus (chicory fiber and specialties), Cosun Protein and Cosun Biobased Experts. Royal Cosun has 24 production sites in 7 countries with 4200 colleagues. Paul Mesters has a longstanding career and extensive experience in the food ingredients business with various roles in marketing & technical sales, production and R&D at DSM (GB), Corbion (PURAC) USA and Europe, CSM Sugar and Cosun Beet Company. He has a Master degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor degree in Food Technology. Furthermore, he served as President of the ESST (European Society of Sugar Technology) 2015-2017 and is since 2018 President of CEFS (Comite Europeen des Fabricants de Sucre). Other functions: Chairman of the supervisory board of Limako Chairman of the supervisory board of Eemshaven Sugar Terminal Treasurer of the board of Cosun Nutrition Center Member of the board IRS (Dutch sugar beet research center) Member of the board of PFP (Primary Food Processors)

        SpeakerPhilip Ryan,
        Head of White Sugar Trading,  Engelhart

        Philip started his career in sugar trading back in 1997 in Cargill, when he joined as a trainee on the futures desk. He worked at Cargill for 15 years across multiple geographies and functions, before joining Bunge in 2012 to help build their whites futures trading desk. In the 6 years at Bunge, Philip went from running the whites book to running the sugar and ethanol trading business, before this was sold to Wilmar in late 2018. After 2 years at Wilmar, Philip is now trading sugar at Engelhart in Genava as part of their softs trading desk.

        SpeakerStefan Uhlenbrock,
        Senior Analyst, F.O. Licht GmbH, Agribusiness Intelligence, Energy & Natural Resources,  S&P Global Commodity Insights

        Stefan Uhlenbrock has responsibility for sugar and coffee forecasting and analysis at S&P Global Commodity Insights. Stefan is responsible for the company's extensive work in the sugar and coffee sectors. He oversees several reports, is responsible for the company's projections with regard to these soft commodities, advises clients on developments in global markets and contributes to the maintenance and further development of the company's vast statistical database for different commodities. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Stefan is a regular speaker at conferences across the globe and is frequently cited by major media publications.

        SpeakerTracey Allen,
        Agricultural Commodities Strategist, JP Morgan

        Tracey is a Senior Commodities Strategist at JP Morgan in London. An agricultural economist, Tracey develops the firm’s fundamental and price outlooks across agricultural markets. During her career, Tracey has worked in an analytical and advisory capacity across global agribusiness from paddock to plate, along with institutional investors and policymakers along the way. Prior to joining JP Morgan’s Global Research team, Tracey was a member of Rabobank’s Research & Advisory team in London and Sydney. She spent much of her early career in the field of climate change and water economics, and her family’s farming background in eastern Australia drives her passion for the agricultural sector.

        SpeakerYury Sharanov,
        President, European Industrial Sugar Users Association (CIUS)

        Yury Sharanov has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in R&D and procurement within the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. For the past 10 years, his focus has been primarily on the sugar market. The majority of his professional journey has taken place at the world's largest confectionery producer, Mars Wrigley. Presently, he serves as the global leader for sugar sourcing and price risk management at Mars. Additionally, Yury currently holds the position of President at the European Industrial Sugar Users Association (CIUS). Alongside his industry expertise, Yury holds a PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry.

        We are working on finalizing more speakers for the 2024 event. Check back again for updates.


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