Hydrogen as a critical path for decarbonization

This event is our second annual conference on hydrogen as part of the move toward decarbonization. Learn about near-term growth potential, industry supply chain, infrastructure build-out, and hydrogen markets expansion.
Attendees will include hydrogen producers, midstream natural gas companies, infrastructure investors, developers, electric power companies, regulators, and policy-makers, among many others. This event is part of a global series organized by S&P Global Platts, with parallel events in Europe and Asia.
A second annual event for the hydrogen community
Last year’s virtual conference drew an impressive group of attendees—over 450 participants from across the US, as well as groups from Canada, Latin America, and Europe.
We were especially pleased to see the extended, vigorous dialog between delegates and speakers, with over 120 questions submitted over four hours.
This year’s event expands both the format and the content, featuring two days of online activity and presentations, more speakers, a virtual exhibit floor, and additional opportunities for networking.
Why attend—the event at a glance

Networking, bonus content, and more

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Who you’ll meet

This year’s participants include a broad spectrum of energy industry players including pipeline companies, midstream energy companies, investors, developers, hydrogen producers, policymakers, regulators, law firms, power companies, engineering companies, and more.
Here’s just a sample of companies already signed up to attend. By registering, you’ll receive advance access to the registration list through the networking app plus real-time access within the virtual event environment.
  • Accel Compression
  • AES
  • Air Liquide
  • Air Products and Chemicals
  • Allen & Overy
  • Aviemore Capital
  • Babst Calland
  • Baker Botts
  • Base-e
  • BayoTech On-Site Hydrogen
  • BayWa r.e.
  • Black & Veatch
  • Blackstone
  • Bloom Engineering
  • BNP Paribas
  • Boardwalk Pipelines
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Buckeye Brine
  • Buckeye Partners
  • Burns & McDonnell
  • Caliche Development
  • California Fuel Cell Partnership
  • California Hydrogen Business Council
  • Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Assn
  • Caterpillar
  • CBRE Caledon Capital
  • CCI
  • Center for Houston’s Future
  • Chabina Energy Partners
  • Clareo
  • Clean Energy Fuels
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Cosmo Oil
  • Credit Suisse
  • Crowley Maritime
  • CSG Investments
  • CTE
  • dasH2energy
  • DNV
  • DTE Energy
  • E3 Consulting
  • Enbridge
  • EthosEnergy
  • EY
  • Faulkner Capital
  • Foxhole Enterprises
  • Gas Bridge
  • Gemma Power Systems
  • GenH2
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Greywolf Capital
  • GTI
  • Gulf Interstate Engineering
  • H2R
  • Independence Hydrogen
  • Iridian Asset Management
  • JERA Americas
  • JP Morgan
  • JTC
  • K&L Gates
  • Lacy Consulting
  • LBBW
  • Liberty Utilities
  • Linde Canada
  • Marathon Petroleum
  • Mass. Hydrogen Coalition
  • Meeminds
  • Merjent
  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems
  • Mitsui & Co.
  • MMEX Resources
  • Moody’s
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Nacero
  • National Grid
  • Navigator Terminals
  • Nextera Energy
  • NG Advantage
  • Oncor
  • Orion Energy Partners
  • Par Pacific Holdings
  • Phillips 66
  • Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
  • Pine Gate Renewables
  • POWER Engineers
  • Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners
  • ReFuelCA
  • Rhynland
  • Robert Packer & Associates
  • S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • S&P Global Ratings
  • Samuel Engineering
  • Santa Fe Gas
  • Schlumberger
  • Scottish Development International
  • Sempra Energy
  • Siemens Financial
  • Sierra Club
  • Silicon Valley Clean Energy
  • Six One Commodities
  • SoCalGas
  • SOCAR Energy
  • Specialized Biogas Services
  • Spire
  • Suburban Propane Partners
  • Sunline Transit Agency
  • TC Energy
  • Tenaska Marketing Ventures
  • The Delaware Municipal Electric Corp
  • The Leighty Foundation
  • TVA
  • Tweet Garot
  • Unifrax
  • Uniper Global Commodities
  • United Energy Corp
  • US Capital Advisers
  • US Dept of Energy
  • US Steel Tubular Products
  • WBI Energy
  • Welspun Tubular
  • Wolseley Industrial Group
  • Wood PLC
  • And more. View a larger list of companies already registered ›


Join us for the second installment of the annual Hydrogen Markets Americas Virtual Conference focusing on the growth of hydrogen as part of the move toward decarbonization. Learn about near-term growth potential, industry supply chain, infrastructure build-out, and hydrogen markets growth.

The two-day program will feature high-caliber content and industry speakers. Expect content-rich panel discussions, breakout sessions, Q&A, networking, prizes, exhibit booths, and much more, all within an immersive online environment.

Hydrogen in focus

  • Learn about the near-term growth potential of hydrogen
  • Focus on the industry supply chain
  • Understand future market opportunities for buyers and sellers of hydrogen
  • Hear from key groups of stakeholders: hydrogen producers, supply chain, project developers, and investors
  • Explore where demand will come from. Learn about the potential for hydrogen in power generation, transportation, heavy industry, steel production, fertilizer/petrochemicals, and more.
  • Discuss the investment outlook for hydrogen projects at scale
  • Look to the future: explore new directions in US public-private partnerships and federal policy supporting the growth of hydrogen infrastructure

Day 1 Agenda – Wednesday, May 5, 2021
State of the Industry: Supply, Demand, Pricing
  • 11:00 am Virtual environment opens—explore the space and visit exhibitors
  • 12:00 pm Chairman’s welcome to the conference
    Roman Kramarchuk, Head of Future Energy Analytics,
    S&P Global Platts
  • 12:05 pm The state of the industry: the basics of hydrogen
    — Why hydrogen is important and why we are here discussing it
    — Stepping back: What is the state of the industry currently?
    — Who are the hydrogen producers and where are they located?
    — Where is hydrogen produced?
    — How much is produced?
    — Price trends for hydrogen in North America
    — Evolution of supply and price, as the industry grows
    — Key industries for hydrogen
          — fertilizer / ammonia
          — petroleum refining
          — transportation
          — electric power

    Zane McDonald, Lead Hydrogen Analyst,
    S&P Global Platts
    Jeff McDonald, Hydrogen Pricing Specialist,
    S&P Global Platts
  • 12:50 pm Intermission
  • 1:00 pm Hydrogen, decarbonization, and energy transition
    — Exploring the multiple pathways to decarbonization (renewables, CCS, biogas)
    — Explaining blue / grey / green hydrogen and the limitations of these categories
    — What are the future markets for hydrogen?
    — Why is there so much interest in green hydrogen?
    — What does hydrogen mean for the energy transition?
    — Views of hydrogen in the power sector
    — Rolling out networks of fueling stations
    — What percent of net energy is a feasible goal for hydrogen?

    Moderator: Thomas Holmberg, Partner,
    Baker Botts
    Paul Browning, President and Chief Executive Officer,
    Mitsubishi Power Americas
    Al Rettenmaier, Executive Director,
    E3 Consulting
    Mario Azar, President, Power,
    Black & Veatch
    Capella Festa, Chief Operating Officer,
  • 2:30 pm Networking and refreshment break / visit exhibit hall
  • 3:00 pm Case studies: key industries, creating a hydrogen economy, examples of industries and important projects
    — Evaluating project success factors and what it will take to scale up for a regional or national hydrogen production system
    — Intermountain Power Project IPP—status, economics, transition to 100% green hydrogen
    — Role of hydrogen in gas-fired power plants
    — Hydrogen in natural gas pipelines
    — Hydrogen vehicles and fueling networks
    — Advances in fuel cell technology and expanding production
    — Nuclear energy as a source of green hydrogen
    — New technologies for hydrogen in steel production
    — Energy storage / hydrogen storage for power generation

    Moderator: William Preston, President and Chief Operating Officer,
    KP Engineering
    Michael Ducker, Western Regional Vice President New Equipment Sales and Renewable Fuels,
    Mitsubishi Power Americas
    Kristine Wiley, Executive Director, Hydrogen Technology Center,
    Gas Technology Institute
    Andy Hemingway, President, Energy, Optimization and Innovation,
    Wood PLC
    Michael G. Green, General Manager, Hydrogen Energy Initiatives,
    Arizona Public Service (APS)
    Benjamin Schwarz, Head of Investor Relations,
    Fusion Fuel Green
  • 5:00 pm Close of day one
Day 2 Agenda – Thursday, Thursday, May 6, 2021
Building Out Hydrogen Infrastructure: Project Status, Technology, and Investment
  • 12:00 pm Chairman’s welcome to day two
    Mark Mozur, Lead Analyst,
    S&P Global Platts
  • 12:05 pm Investing in hydrogen infrastructure projects
    — Where are the key opportunities for hydrogen projects?
    — Who will fund the energy transition and how can we pay for it?
    — Challenges of hydrogen shortage: How much investment do we need to catch up with growing demand?
    — Ammonia as a way to store hydrogen
    — Converting excess power generation into hydrogen
    — How viable is carbon capture and how could this be part of the economics of hydrogen production?
    — Is there a futures/forward market for hydrogen?
    — What kinds of infrastructure investment are most important to expanding hydrogen use in the US?

    Moderator: Mona Dajani, Global Co-Head of Energy and Infrastructure Projects,
    Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
    Mo Vargas, President and Chief Executive Officer,
    BayoTech On-Site Hydrogen
    Douglas Schultz, Director of Origination, Loan Programs Office,
    US Department of Energy
    Joseph Salvatore, Director, Energy and Infrastructure Investment Banking,
    Credit Suisse Securities (USA)
  • 1:30 pm Networking and refreshment break / visit exhibit hall
  • 2:00 pm California’s experience with hydrogen infrastructure: lessons learned and next steps
    — Role of different industries as hydrogen producers: Industrial gas producers are in the lead but others are looking at opportunities
    — Vehicles are not the main market for H now, but this could change as the infrastructure rolls out
    — Need for infrastructure to reach customers: a target of 1,000 stations and a million FCEVs in California
    — Economics of hydrogen vehicles: heavy trucks, buses, and the move to light passenger cars
    — Incentives for blending hydrogen and natural gas
    — What is the economic tipping point to make hydrogen competitive? How many fueling stations would it take?
    — Examining utility policies that could unlock electric/hydrogen synergies including advances in supply chain
    — Updates on California’s hydrogen planning and development
    — Where the investment has taken place
    — Where are the synergies between electric power and hydrogen?
    — Roles of federal and state policies and incentives
    — Future opportunities, including public transportation, pipelines, natural gas storage, refueling stations, hydrogen vehicles owned by public agencies

    Buck B. Endemann, Partner,
    K&L Gates
    Bill Zobel, Executive Director,
    California Hydrogen Business Council
    Bill Elrick, Executive Director,
    California Fuel Cell Partnership
    Lauren Skiver, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer,
    Sunline Transit Agency
    Gia Brazil Vacin, Assistant Deputy Director, Zero Emission Vehicle Market Development,
    California Governor’s Office
  • 3:45 pm Intermission
  • 4:00 pm Regional initiatives to support the growth of hydrogen
    — What are the scenarios for growth of hydrogen?
    — How much will depend on federal energy policy in the US?
    — Potential for green hydrogen production in the US and Canada
    — Views from different states and regions: advancing hydrogen in the Gulf Coast and Northeast
    — Canada’s initiatives and ties to existing industries

    Moderator: James B. Curry, Attorney,
    Babst Calland
    Mark Kirby, President and Chief Executive Officer,
    Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association
    Charles Myers, President,
    Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition
    Brett Perlman, Chief Executive Officer,
    Center for Houston’s Future
  • 5:00 pm Close of conference


Mario Azar Mario Azar
President, Power Business, Black & Veatch

Mr. Azar became president of Black & Veatch’s Power business in December 2018. A 30-year energy industry veteran, Mr. Azar leads all aspects of the Power business including strategy, business development, project execution, operations, workforce planning, and organizational capability and effectiveness. He also serves on the company’s Executive Committee. Prior to joining Black & Veatch, he held several other diverse energy positions including being the founder of ALP Citadel Business Management Consulting & Services, where he offered strategic guidance to companies in the global energy market. He also served as CEO of Siemens Oil & Gas and Marine, an engineered solutions and integration business unit operating globally in over 21 countries. His decades of global leadership experience in the power and oil and gas markets position him to help clients adapt to the transformational shifts impacting the production, delivery, and storage of electricity as he works with a team of thousands of Black & Veatch professionals to build the new, innovative and more efficient energy infrastructure of the future. Mr. Azar earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Paul Browning Paul Browning
President and Chief Executive Officer, Mitsubishi Power Americas

As CEO of the Americas, Mr. Browning leads two global businesses that are headquartered in the United States and three regional businesses in North and South America. As Chief Regional Officer, he works with Chief Executives and their management teams to coordinate strategic planning, brand management, and other long-term planning in the region and globally. Mr. Browning has led the company’s expansion into Central and South America, positioning Mitsubishi Power Americas as a top competitor in the Latin American energy market. He has also expanded the business into renewable power project development, energy storage, and artificial intelligence products and services. Mr. Browning has extensive global leadership experience in distributed and centralized power generation, as well as in North American midstream and downstream oil and gas operations. He has worked in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Germany and has commercial experience around the world. He has also served on the Board of Directors of eSolar and Fuel Cell Energy. Prior to joining Mitsubishi Power Americas, he was President and CEO of Irving Oil Company Limited. Mr. Browning holds a B.S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science from Carnegie Mellon University and an M.S. degree in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

James B. Curry James B. Curry
Attorney, Babst Calland

Mr. Curry is an energy lawyer with 15 years of experience in government service and private practice helping clients navigate regulatory and strategic challenges throughout the energy sector. His clients include pipelines, utilities, energy producers, LNG terminals, investors, technology companies, and hydrogen infrastructure developers. Applying his experience from day-to-day safety regulatory counseling, dozens of enforcement matters, internal and government investigations, rulemakings, and energy projects, he identifies and executes creative legal and strategic pathways to help clients achieve their objectives. He started his career in energy and transportation safety as an attorney for the US DOT-PHMSA. Since departing government service in 2010, he has broadened his practice to include counseling on other DOT modal safety programs and state utility regulatory matters. He also advises clients on NTSB accident investigations and GAO audits. These experiences have given him a unique understanding of safety and regulatory risk management, corporate safety culture, and how they bear on credibility and the bottom line. He manages the Firm's growing DC office.

Mona Dajani Mona Dajani
Global Co-Head, Energy and Infrastructure Projects, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Ms. Dajani is the co-leader of Pillsbury’s Energy and Infrastructure Projects Team and also leads the Renewable Energy practice. Qualified as a lawyer in the US and England, and a licensed professional engineer, she serves as a lead lawyer in complex acquisitions, dispositions, financing, and project development transactions involving energy and infrastructure facilities in the United States and around the world. She was the winner of Law360’s MVP 2020 award in the Project Finance category and recognized as a leading lawyer by The Best Lawyers in America, and many other publications. She holds a J.D. from Loyola University School of Law, an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, and a B.A./B.S. degree from the University of Illinois.

Michael Ducker Michael Ducker
Western Regional Vice President, Renewable Fuels, Mitsubishi Power Americas

Mr. Ducker is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of Mitsubishi Powers’ renewable fuels business which focuses on delivering carbon-free fuel solutions to the power industry and other verticals. Prior to his current role, he was a founding member and contributor to Mitsubishi Powers’ NEXT division which develops, launches, incubates, and turns over new businesses at the company. While also at Mitsubishi Power, he established and led its Market Analysis division and originally started at the company in its Applications and Performance Engineering team. Before joining Mitsubishi Power, he worked for the US Department of Energy where he developed market models to evaluate advanced energy technologies being pursued by the DOE. Mr. Ducker earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from George Washington University.

Bill Elrick Bill Elrick
Executive Director, California Fuel Cell Partnership

Mr. Elrick is the California Fuel Cell Partnership’s Executive Director, with over 25 years of experience in the alternative fuel transportation industry. Under his leadership, CaFCP members have developed new analysis tools and detailed roll-out plans that industry, state, and federal agencies reference in planning support for hydrogen stations. He works directly with industry stakeholders including automakers, station developers, medium and heavy-duty fuel cell vehicle developers, and government to facilitate collaborative actions that fulfill each organization’s needs. He serves as a member of the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Advisory Committee. He has a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from Ball State University and an undergraduate degree from the University of Indiana.

Buck B. Endemann Buck B. Endemann
Partner, K&L Gates

Mr. Endemann is a partner with the power and environmental practice groups of K&L Gates. He focuses on developing, buying, and selling renewable energy projects throughout the western US, with an emphasis on California. He provides comprehensive counseling on energy, energy storage, infrastructure, and remediation projects. He has particular expertise before the California Public Utilities Commission and counsels clients on California Independent System Operator (CAISO) issues. He is involved in the firm’s bioenergy initiative and helps clients navigate the Renewable Fuel Standard and California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. Mr. Endemann has a J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law and a B.A. from Wake Forest University.

Capella Festa Capella Festa
Chief Operating Officer, Genvia

Ms. Festa is the COO for Genvia, a clean hydrogen production technology venture between Schlumberger New Energy, the CEA, and Partners. Prior to that, she was Global Account Director for Schlumberger. In her previous assignment, she was seconded to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris where she was one of the authors of the World Energy Outlook. She coauthored energy outlooks for sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil, and Iraq as well as a publication on unconventional gas. Ms. Festa joined Schlumberger in 1993, initially developing software in the Research and Engineering center in Paris before completing her training as a rig engineer offshore in the North Sea. She has held a variety of operational and management roles in Europe and Asia in rig operations, technical services, and software and information services. From 2009 – 2011 she was Chief Information Officer for Schlumberger in Paris responsible for the delivery of IT services across the organization. Ms. Festa holds an M.A. in Engineering from the University of Cambridge in the UK and a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Management from the Institute Français du Pétrole in Paris.

Michael Green Michael Green
General Manager, Hydrogen Energy Initiatives, Arizona Public Service (APS)

Michael Green is the General Manager, Hydrogen Energy Initiatives for Arizona Public Service Company (APS). Michael leads APS and its afflicted entities in strategy, policy, business development, and research, development, and demonstration activities involving clean hydrogen as an energy source for deep decarbonization. Prior to his current role and while at APS, he served as the General Manager, Nuclear Policy and Associate General Counsel, advising executive management on strategic and business planning, federal and state energy policy, communications and legal issues involving Palo Verde Generating Station, a 4,000 megawatt nuclear power plant located 50 miles west of Phoenix. Prior to joining APS, Michael completed a 20-year career in the U.S. Navy in a variety of positions and locations worldwide as a Naval Flight Officer and Judge Advocate General’s Corps officer. Michael has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California, a Juris Doctorate from Southwestern University, and a Master of Laws in International Environmental Law from George Washington University.

Andy Hemingway Andy Hemingway
President, Energy, Optimization and Innovation, Wood

Andy Hemingway is President, Energy, Optimization and Innovation at Wood, the global energy and built environment solutions provider. He is responsible for Wood’s $600m + global Energy Consulting business, alongside Wood’s Resilient Environment operations in the Eastern Hemisphere. This business group is part of Wood’s global consultancy formed to strategically grow and align our technical solutions to unlock some of the world’s most critical challenges, by enabling the energy transition, and by delivering sustainable, resilient environment.

Mr. Hemingway has over 25 years’ experience working in a number of global roles covering technical consultancy, project management, general management, strategy, business start-up and sales. Andy is a chartered engineer, a fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers and holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Thomas Holmberg Thomas Holmberg
Partner, Baker Botts

Mr. Holmberg is a partner in the Global Projects Group at Baker Botts. He assists clients with energy projects and transactions around the world. His recent experience has focused on the development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas pipeline projects and transactions. He works with clients at all stages of such projects in areas that include project structuring, contracting, governmental approvals, and the negotiation of commercial agreements and project development documents. Mr. Holmberg advises clients on an array of regulatory issues, including contract and tariff matters before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). He also represents clients before the Department of Energy (DOE) for authorizations to export and import natural gas under the Natural Gas Act. He has handled administrative and appellate litigation before the FERC and the courts on these matters. Mr. Holmberg has a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and a B.A. from the University of Arizona.

Mark Kirby Mark Kirby
President and CEO, Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association

Mr. Kirby is a seasoned chemicals and clean technology executive with a decade of experience in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector. He has held leadership positions at Ballard Power Systems, where he managed the $100 million divesture of the company’s automotive fuel cell business to Daimler and Ford, as well as Questair Technologies. Formerly President and CEO of Fortress Advanced Bioproducts, the biotechnology division of Fortress Global Enterprises, Mr. Kirby laid the groundwork for a Canadian biorefinery demonstration project with over $30 million of government support. He also co-founded S2G Biochemicals where he was responsible for raising millions in government and private funding support while developing strategic partnerships to position the company’s technology for commercialization. In addition, he was responsible for integrating acquisitions and growing new global business for a $100 million division of Praxair. Mr. Kirby currently serves as a member of the board of directors at HTEC. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Jeff McDonald Jeff McDonald
Hydrogen Pricing Specialist, S&P Global Platts
Zane McDonald Zane McDonald
Lead Hydrogen Analyst, S&P Global Platts

Mr. McDonald joined S&P Global Platts in 2018 and is a senior analyst responsible for research and modeling within the transportation technology and policy sphere. He holds a B.Sc. in chemistry from Marshall University and M.Sc. in both energy systems and transportation engineering from the University of California, Davis.

Roman Kramarchuk Roman Kramarchuk
Head of Future Energy Analytics, S&P Global Platts

Mr. Kramarchuk leads efforts at Platts to analyze the impacts of the energy transition – driven by policy changes and technology advancements – on the energy sector and market outlooks, with a special focus on clean energy (i.e. stationary storage, electric vehicles/alternative transport, renewables, hydrogen, etc.). He oversees the Platts Analytics Scenario Planning Service – advising clients on long-term energy market views (including 2-degree scenarios) - as well as the GHG and North American Environmental Markets Services – offering insights into environmental markets & policies. Prior to joining PIRA, now part of S&P Global Platts, he was at the US Environmental Protection Agency, developing key power plant and industrial emissions regulations at the Clean Air Markets Division. With both PG&E NEG and PA Consulting / PHB Hagler Bailly, he evaluated strategies regarding fuel choice, capital investments, and trading. Mr. Kramarchuk also worked on international projects to develop power markets and regulatory capacity in the former Soviet Union and India. At the Federal Reserve Board, Mr. Kramarchuk analyzed trends in industrial production. He has an M.P.P. from the Harvard Kennedy School and a B.A. in economics and a B.S.E. in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mark Mozur Mark Mozur
Lead Analyst, S&P Global Platts

Mr. Mozur is lead analyst for demand modeling, helping to set S&P Global Platts Analytics’ long-term energy balances and contributing to the design of the team’s various energy demand scenarios, including low carbon pathways. Previously, he worked for Gaffney, Cline & Associates as a strategic advisor for upstream oil and gas commercialization, primarily in Eurasia. Mr. Mozur holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and Russian from Harvard University and a Master’s in energy and environmental policy from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Charles Myers Charles Myers
President, Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition

Mr. Myers is the President of the Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition, the fuel cell and hydrogen industry association for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is a consultant to the US Department of Energy Fuel Cell Technology Office, which in June 2017 recognized him with an award for his leadership and commitment to the advancement of hydrogen and fuel cell infrastructure in the Northeast. He is the Chair of the Massachusetts Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Working Group and a member of the Rhode Island Zero Emission Vehicle Working Group. Mr. Myers has an Executive MBA from Saint Mary's College of California.

Brett A. Perlman Brett A. Perlman
President and CEO, Center for Houston’s Future

Mr. Perlman is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Center for Houston’s Future. Before his appointment, he was a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government and in the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative. He is a Fellow at Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy. Previously he was recognized as a national leader for his roles in business and public affairs in the energy and telecommunications industries. He served for four years as a Commissioner on the Public Utility Commission of Texas; he founded Vector Advisors, and earlier in his career he was a consultant with McKinsey & Company. He has practiced law with major firms in Houston and Washington, DC. Mr. Perlman holds advanced degrees in public policy from Harvard University and in Law from the University of Texas and was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Northwestern University.

William E. (Bill) Preston William E. (Bill) Preston
President and Chief Operating Officer, KP Engineering, LP

Mr. Preston is the President and COO of KP Engineering, LP (KPE). He is a recognized process industry leader with 33 years of business leadership, project development, management, and operations experience. In addition to his role at KPE, he is the Executive Director of the Global Syngas Technologies Council, the hydrogen and syngas industry’s central trade association. Mr. Preston earned his BA degree in chemistry from Pomona College in Claremont, California, and a MS degree in chemical engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.

Albert “Al” Rettenmaier Albert “Al” Rettenmaier
Executive Director, E3 Consulting

Mr. Rettenmaier is E3’s Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Practice Leader. He has extensive experience as an energy executive in the renewable energy, gasification, power generation, oil & gas, and chemicals industries. Mr. Rettenmaier has managed engineering and construction for capital-intensive projects and has an in-depth understanding of how to develop and successfully implement large capital projects. His expertise in front-end project development is key to getting projects through the final investment decision and to financial close. His experience in R&D, projects, operations, and startup companies enables him to assist clients on matters of technology, project contracting strategy and execution, due diligence, creditor advisory, and other services pertaining to project financing. Mr. Rettenmaier has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas.

Joseph Salvatore Joseph Salvatore
Director, Energy and Infrastructure Investment Banking, Credit Suisse Securities (USA)

Mr. Salvatore is Director, Energy and Infrastructure Banking at Credit Suisse. Previously he was a vice president with BNP Paribas, focusing on power, utilities, and renewables. Other prior experience includes senior research associate with Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Mr. Salvatore studied at the University of Pittsburgh.

Douglas Schultz Douglas Schultz
Director of Origination, Loan Programs Office, US Department of Energy

Mr. Schultz is the Director of Loan Guarantee Origination for the US Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office (LPO). He leads LPO’s lending activities focused on innovative alternative energy projects in the US including solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, storage, transportation, carbon capture, advanced fossil, advanced nuclear, and related infrastructure. An accomplished executive and proven innovator, he has been active as a consultant, developer, and lender in the energy and infrastructure sectors for over 25 years in the US and abroad. Mr. Schultz previously served as a project development and finance executive with KMR Power, a global independent power company, a principal consultant with Nathan Associates and K&M Engineering and Consulting, both global market leaders in public/private partnerships and energy and infrastructure development and finance, and a senior investment officer with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), now known as the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC).

Benjamin Schwarz Benjamin Schwarz
Head of Investor Relations, Fusion Fuel Green

Mr. Schwarz is Head of Investor Relations and Company Secretary at Fusion Fuel Green plc., a green hydrogen technology company focused on decarbonizing the global energy system by making green hydrogen commercially viable and accessible. Fusion Fuel has developed a novel solar-to-hydrogen solution based on its HEVO micro-electrolyzer technology that allows it to produce hydrogen at highly competitive costs using renewable energy with zero-carbon emissions. Prior to his current role, he served as VP of Business Development at HL Acquisitions Corp., a publicly-listed SPAC which completed its business combination with Fusion in December of 2020. Mr. Schwarz began his career as a strategy consultant at Deloitte, and received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Lauren Skiver Lauren Skiver
CEO and General Manager, SunLine Transit Agency

Ms. Skiver is the Chief Executive Officer of SunLine Transit Agency. Her responsibilities in this role include planning, budgeting, and operation of transit services for the Coachella Valley as well as supporting the advancement and implementation of SunLine’s zero-emission fuel cell bus program. She began her transit career as a maintenance clerk at Hillsborough Area Regional Transit. She went on to lead paratransit for HART and transitioned to the Maryland Transit Administration to serve as Director of Paratransit in 2006. Soon after, Ms. Skiver was promoted to Deputy Chief Operating Officer and was responsible for all MTA Operating Modes, including bus transportation and maintenance, Metro Subway, Light Rail, mobility paratransit, and MARC Commuter Rail Service. In 2012, she became CEO of the Delaware Transit Corporation, and in late 2013, made the move back to her home state of California as CEO of SunLine Transit Agency. Prior to her transit career, Ms. Skiver served in the US Army specializing in Military Intelligence as an Imagery Analyst and served during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Gia Brazil Vacin Gia Brazil Vacin
Assistant Deputy Director, Zero-emission Vehicle Market Development,
California Governor’s Office

Ms. Vacin serves as the Assistant Deputy Director, Zero-emission Vehicle (ZEV) Market Development at the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). She focuses on accelerating the ZEV market in pursuit of California’s goal of 100% ZEVs by 2035 for light-duty and 2045 for heavy-duty vehicles by coordinating state efforts, collaborating with public and private partners, tracking and expediting ZEV infrastructure in California, and identifying opportunities for additional business engagement and growth. Prior to her role at GO-Biz, Gia was an environmental management and strategy consultant for more than 15 years and worked with more than 70 clients across sectors to help mission-driven organizations expand their impact. Ms. Vacin holds a Master of Environmental Science and Management from the Bren School at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Mo Vargas Mo Vargas
President and CEO, BayoTech On-Site Hydrogen

Mr. Vargas brings new technologies to market, whether leading investor-backed companies or running growth and transformative initiatives in global corporations. His Fortune 500 experience includes executive leadership roles at GE, Siemens, AES, and Lockheed Martin. In addition, he has led four early-stage technology companies including BayoTech. Mr. Vargas has an MBA from the University of Southern California and a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in combustion from the University of California Irvine.

Kristine Wiley Kristine Wiley
Executive Director, Hydrogen Technology Center, Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

As the Executive Director of GTI’s Hydrogen Technology Center (HTC), Ms. Wiley works across the organization to synchronize deep industry knowledge and technical expertise as well as large-scale labs and test facilities to integrate the use of hydrogen into the energy system. Addressing economy-wide decarbonization, the HTC brings together public-private partnerships to facilitate R&D to enable clean hydrogen generation, transport, storage, and utilization at scale while leveraging the existing robust energy infrastructure to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon future. Ms. Wiley’s career spans nearly two decades at GTI. Prior to her current role, she served as an R&D Director responsible for GTI’s Environmental, Risk, and Integrity Management programs. With a focus on reducing environmental impacts, she led collaborative research directly working with industry to develop solutions for the detection and mitigation of methane emissions from natural gas operations. At GTI she has held positions of increasing responsibility managing research addressing utility operations and environmental compliance to advancing the use of low-carbon fuels such as renewable natural gas. Ms. Wiley holds a B.A. in Biological Sciences from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Bill Zobel Bill Zobel
Executive Director, California Hydrogen Business Council

Mr. Zobel has over 30 years of experience in the energy sector covering a wide range of issues and responsibilities. Before becoming executive director of the CHBC, he held senior roles with Trillium, Sempra Energy, and BP North America. He has also served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for CalStart, the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), the California Electric Transportation Coalition (CalETC), the California Manufacturers and Technology Association (CMTA), the Conservation Corps of Long Beach, and the Moonlight Cultural Foundation. Mr. Zobel is a graduate of Columbia University’s executive business program and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from California State University Long Beach.


The California Fuel Cell Partnership
Babst Calland
K&L Gates
US Department of Energy Loan Programs Office
Mitsubishi Power
Black & Veatch Management Consulting
Black & Veatch
Matrix Service
ZE PowerGroup
Baker Botts
Wood PLC
KP Engineering
Fusion Fuel

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