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We are thrilled to extend an invitation to our esteemed clients for the annual S&P Global Commodity Insights London Client Seminar, taking place on Wednesday, June 26. Set against the dynamic backdrop of London, this event promises a wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities, and actionable insights for industry leaders navigating the energy markets.

What to expect:

  • Unrivalled insights: immerse yourself in over 5 hours of unrivalled insights delivered by 20+ speakers, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions in rapidly evolving energy markets.
  • Specialized breakouts: tailor your experience with breakout sessions focused on key areas impacting the energy sector, ensuring you gain targeted insights aligned with your interests and objectives.
  • Interactive Q&A: engage directly with our experts, pose your burning questions, and share your perspectives on the challenges shaping the energy landscape.
  • Networking opportunities: connect with industry peers and S&P Global experts in a vibrant networking environment, fostering collaboration and idea exchange.
  • Schedule 1-to-1 meetings: schedule personalized meetings with subject matter experts and analysts to address your specifics queries.

Please note that this is a client-only event, and places are limited. Registration will close on Monday, June 24, 12pm BST.
We look forward to seeing you there!



8:30 AM

Registration and networking

9:00 AM

Welcome remarks

Simon Thorne, Climate and Energy Transformation Lead 

9:15 AM

Commodity markets in the crosshairs of supply disruptions and decarbonisation challenges

  • Geopolitics and the impact on supply chains
  • Transition’s impact in the short term and the impact on long term forecast
  • The pragmatic energy and materials transition

James Taverner, Global Gas

Daniel Evans, Vice President, Global Head, Fuels and Refining

Andrew Neale, Executive Director – Aromatics

Mike Wynne, Vice President Global Insights, Upstream Solutions

Moderator: Simon Thorne, Climate and Energy Transformation Lead

10:30 AM

Networking coffee break

*Agenda subject to change

11:10 AM

The re-ordering of the global gas market

  • Is the global gas crisis over?
    • Why are prices rallying?
    • Prospects for a rebound in demand
    • o Will Russian gas-both pipe and LNG—fall?
  • What is the impact of the impending supply wave? Are we heading toward oversupply?
    • Current outlook for LNG Final Investment Decisions (FiDs)
    • The impact of the US ‘temporary pause’
    • Drivers of gas demand
  • The outlook for key gas benchmark prices, both short and long-term

Sara Pourghorbani, Senior Analyst, LNG

James Taverner, Global Gas

12:05 PM

How are energy markets being reshaped by growing renewables?

  • Short-term view: Power demand recovery vs. renewables growth: have power prices bottomed out?
  • Europe’s PPA activity continues to expand in 2024, as market looks for price anchors
  • The view from 2030: Prices, profitability and business models in renewable-heavy power market

Glenn Rickson, Head of Short-term, European Power

Bruno Brunetti, Manager, Low Carbon Electricity Analytics

Coralie Laurencin, Executive Director – Hydrogen and Low-Carbon Gas

12:55 PM

Networking lunch

2:00 PM

Offshore wind and hydrogen: Fueling a green future

Despite the recent challenges of increased costs and supply chain issues, offshore wind is still on track to experience strong growth, with governments and developers remaining committed to their rapid deployment. Meanwhile hydrogen development in Europe is starting to pick up steam as successful auctions demonstrate that EU mandates in aviation, transportation, and industry are a powerful driver.

  • Offshore wind: market overview, drivers, barriers, cost analysis, and outlooks
  • Low-carbon hydrogen: Lessons from recent auctions, signs of progress in specific sectors, and the road ahead
  • Synergies between offshore wind and green hydrogen: Opportunities and examples

Laurent Ruseckas, Executive Director

Andrei Utkin, Associate Director

2:55 PM

Battery storage in the United Kingdom and Europe – Who, what, and how much?

  • What is driving the rapid adoption of batteries around Europe, and how will this continue?
  • Which technologies and companies are leading in this space, and how is this changing?
  • How will Europe’s ambitions to localize the supply chain play out?

Susan Taylor, Senior Analyst – Clean Energy Technology

Sam Wilkinson, Director – Clean Energy Technology

3:45 PM

Afternoon Coffee Break

*Agenda subject to change

11:10 AM

2024 and beyond: a deep dive into the short-term outlook for crude and refined products markets

  • Crude oil
    • Global oil demand growth is slowing but remains robust despite some regional doubts. Will China hold up as expected? Is Europe and the West going to see much demand growth?
    • Non-OPEC oil production continues to grow more rapidly than global oil demand. That implies that OPEC+ will need to continue to exercise production restraint if they want to avoid stock builds (and weaker prices). But this simple answer is not uniform. How strong will non-OPEC growth be? How will that growth, mostly in the Americas, be accommodated with its wide range of different project dynamics and oil quality ranging from NGLs to heavy oil and logistics into the Atlantic Basin and/or the Pacific? How will OPEC manage their production?
    • Over the Near Term, global fundamentals point to crude stock draws in Q3 as refinery runs seasonally peak and along with geopolitical uncertainty that spells a bullish crude narrative. But how deep will stocks be drawn and how high will prices go? When will these trends reverse?
  • Global refining
    • The last two years have been characterized by strong refinery margins after a spate of earlier refinery closures. Now, new refineries are starting up/ramping up, but additional closings are also planned. How will this balance play out? Will we see a collapse in product prices from new supply as demand growth slows? Or will available refinery capacity still struggle to cover demand? Is the Platinum Age of Refining coming to an end or can we expect an Afterglow for a while longer?
    • These questions will vary greatly for different products. Which products will see the most strength or weakness? Will prices see-saw as refiners rebalance?
    • And they will vary regionally with wide East-West splits separated by high freight rates. Will arbitrage volumes change in response to those gaps?
    • What broad trends will we see for gasoline, middle distillates and heavy fuel oil and what will that mean for refinery margins and runs?
  • Atlantic Basin deep dive
    • For refining, margins in the West are still very healthy despite relative diesel softness and are expected to strengthen this summer. But looming closer are new refinery start-ups/ramp-ups that will ultimately affect Atlantic Basin markets. As specific facilities come online, how will regional product markets respond? Will there be risk for further refinery closures?
    • Between products, we have seen large price swings driven by the challenge faced by stretched refinery capacity to cover demand. Will refiners be able to more economically shift yields to balance?
    • How will the region accommodate growth in renewable fuels and other product supplies, particularly as NGL growth forces naphtha out into gasoline? How can markets meet octane specs?
    • On top of these refined product outlooks, the potential for unplanned refinery outages in Russia due drone attacks or on the USG from hurricanes also needs to be factored in. What is the level of risk?
    • How will changes in refinery operations, combined with the growth in regional crude production, and an expanded pipeline to the Pacific, affect crude price differentials

Eleanor Budds, Director

Daniel Evans, Vice President, Global Head, Fuels and Refining

Rick Joswick, Head of Near-Term Oil Research

Payam Hashempour, Associate Director

Fotios Katsoulas, Associate Director

12:55 PM

Networking lunch

2:00 PM

State of the chemical industry – Prospects for recovery in an over-supplied world.

  • Olefins Industry Overview
    • When will the industry return to reinvestment margins?
    • Will industry rationalization be sufficient to make a difference?
  • Aromatics Industry Overview
    • How much longer will it be sustained by gasoline?

Andy Orszynski, Director, Ethylene & Derivatives

Katie Elliot, Director, Aromatics

2:55 PM

Chemicals feedstocks and the energy transition

  • Short term prospects
  • Long term, how does the refining complex adapt to accommodate growing petrochemical demand?

Plastics and the development of the circular economy

  • How far can mechanical recycling develop – does it blunt the demand growth of virgin polymers?
  • The rise of advanced/chemical recycling
  • Will we ever see Peak Polymer?

Hedi Grati, Executive Director, Petrochemical Feedstocks

Olivier Maronneaud, Director, Chemicals

3:45 PM

Afternoon Coffee Break

*Agenda subject to change

4:05 PM

Outlook for Carbon intensity as a key industry metric

  • How is Carbon intensity being leveraged as a metric in commodity markets?
  • How will Carbon intensity enable differentiated commodity trading?
  • Factoring into transition risk in financial markets

Max Mucenic, Emissions Insight Analyst, Center of Emissions Excellence

4:20 PM

Signposts to the energy transition: is it time to forget about net-zero?

  • 2000 to 2023: what progress has been made?
  • 2024: Faster or slower for the energy transition?
  • 2025 and beyond:
    • Scenarios for the future
    • How ‘green’ is the base case?

    Paul McConnell, Executive Director, Energy and Climate Scenarios

    Laurent Ruseckas, Executive Director

    Louise Vertz, Senior Director, Fuels and Refining

    Moderator: Simon Thorne, Climate and Energy Transformation Lead

5:00 PM

Closing remarks and networking drinks reception

*Agenda subject to change

Hear from our experts

Simon Thorne
Climate and Energy Transformation Lead
Daniel Evans SPG CI.jpg
Daniel Evans
Vice President, Head of Fuels and Refining Insights
Lousie Vertz.jfif
Louise Vertz
Senior Director, Fuels and Refining
Katie Elliot.jpg
Katie Elliot
Director, Aromatics
Paul McConnell
Executive Director, Climate & Energy Transformation
Coralie Laurencin.jpg
Coralie Laurencin
Executive Director – Hydrogen and Low-Carbon Gas
Laurent Ruseckas.jpg
Laurent Ruseckas
Executive Director
Michael Wynne
Vice President Global Insights, Upstream Solutions
James Taverner
Global Gas
Glenn Rickson
Head of Short-term, European Power
Bruno B (1).jpeg
Bruno Brunetti
Manager, Low Carbon Electricity Analytic
Sam Wilkinson
Director – Clean Energy Technology
Rick JoshWick Seminar_sq.png
Rick Joswick
Head of Near-Term Oil Research
Payam Hashempour
Associate Director
Catherine Robinson updated.JPG
Andy Orszynski
Director, Ethylene & Derivatives
Andrew Neale.jpg
Andrew Neale
Executive Director – Aromatics
Hédi Grati
Executive Director, Petrochemical Feedstocks
Olivier Maronneaud BW.jpg
Olivier Maronneaud
Director, Chemicals
Catherine Robinson updated.JPG
Susan Taylor
Senior Analyst – Clean Energy Technology
Andrei Utkin65x65bw.png
Andrei Utkin
Associate Director
Eleanor Budds
Fotios Katsoulas
Associate Director, Lead Analyst Tanker Shipping & Alternative Fuels
Sara Pourghorbani
Senior Analyst, LNG