Petroleum Review: Methodology Explained

"How to upgrade a broken US oil benchmark"

Insights Magazine: "Simplifying the complex"

Market stress in the spring of 2020 demonstrated the need for a new price reference reflecting the value of high-quality Permian supply at the nexus of the domestic and global market.

Follow the footsteps of other waterborne benchmark ecosystems – Dated Brent and Platts Dubai – Platts AGS

The American Oil & Gas Reporter: “Platts AGS Aims To Bring Clarity AmidCrisis To U.S. Crude Values”

Crude Oil Market Dynamics Webinar: State of the North American Markets

- 17 Sep, 2020

Platts AGS: The New Us Brent and Its Impacts on Global Trade

- 27 Aug, 2020

Hedging an Evolution: financial markets, crude benchmarks, and forward curves

- 27 Aug, 2020

The Essential Podcast: The Collapse of Cushing — April 20th and the U.S. Oil

- 23 Jul, 2020

Insight Conversation with Harold Hamm, Executive Chairman of Continental Resources

- 22 Jul, 2020

Platts AGS Takes its Cues from Dated Brent

- 21 Jul, 2020

WTI @ Houston CMA: Time For A New Crude Benchmark

- 19 May, 2020

West Texas to Western Europe: Americas Dated Brent and WTI Technical Workshop

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