Recycled PET

Recycled polyethylene terephthalate, better known as R-PET is the most commonly recycled plastic. S&P Global Commodity Insights has been assessing recycled PET flakes since 2008 and has now closed the loop between its virgin PET and recycled PET assessments.

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Asia Recycled PET Assessments
European Recycled PET Assessments
US Recycled PET Assessments


Recycled HDPE

Recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is known for its strength and is used to produce durable consumer products and materials.

Platts Recycled HDPE assessments from S&P Global Commodity Insights complement our existing virgin HDPE assessments in Northwest Europe. We provide market participants with a more complete view of the HDPE market, enabling them to compare market fundamentals and pricing.

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Asia Recycled HDPE Assessments
European Recycled HDPE Assessments
US Recycled High-Density Polyethylene HDPE Assessments


Price Assessments

Our benchmarks and price assessments are widely used by market participants across global petrochemicals markets. Our customs use them to write contracts, monitor their commodity market(s) and achieve full transparency around transactions.

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Asia Recycled PET Price Assessments

Europe Recycled PET Price Assessments

US Recycled PET Price Assessments
Europe Recycled HDPE Price Assessments
Asia Recycled HDPE Price Assessments


Recycled LDPE

Platts Recycled LDPE assessments from S&P Global Commodity Insights complement our existing virgin LDPE assessments in Northwest Europe, providing market participants with a more complete view of the LDPE market and enabling them to compare market fundamentals and pricing.

S&P Global Commodity Insights assesses recycled LDPE black, grey and translucent pellets derived from post-consumer waste and prices are assessed daily for delivered duty paid material in EUR/mt.

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European Recycled LDPE Assessments
Asian Recycled Low Density Polyethylene LDPE Price Assessment


Recycled PP

There are two daily Platts assessments, published by S&P Global Commodity Insights, in Northwest Europe for recycled polypropylene (R-PP) pellets, used in the manufacturing of rigid consumer packaging such as flowerpots and car bumpers. These are Recycled PP Black Pellets DDP NWE and Recycled PP Natural Pellets DDP NWE, our first recycled PP assessments globally.

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Europe Recycled PP Price Assessment


S&P Global Commodity Insights Daily Grains Report

For independent news, pricing and analysis

World events continue to heavily impact the gain market. The anticipated education in soybean demand generated by African Swine Fever. The continued influence of the US-China Trade-war. Insight from S&P Global Commodity Insights is unbiased, helping you to make confident decisions in changing times.

We have been covering the grain markets for the past 6 years and continue to expand our coverage, including adding new Black Sea/Europe Grains reports to our portfolio.

Our Daily Grains report gives a quick and comprehensive glimpse into what is moving the market, across regions, every working day. This supports you to:

For compliance teams, our rigorous methodology can strengthen negotiations between counterparties and contribute to internal auditing.

For senior strategists, S&P Global Commodity Insights market heards enable the benchmarking of company activity against that of the market. The ability to drill down to detailed data provides an opportunity for crucial interrogation of pricing, supply and demand.

Market participants, keen to minimize risk and maximize opportunity can use insight in our Grains Daily report to both plan and deliver their strategy. We understand that access to independent information and timely application of pricing analysis can be critical.

Daily information and transparent methodology, that reflects published and verified pricing information, can be fundamental to maintaining a competitive edge.

Effective risk management through savvy use of data and commentary could provide protection to those trading and investing in an agriculture space where climate change, population growth, energy demand and changing tastes are all factors.

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S&P Global Market Data Grains Package

Global prices, integrated into your system with Platts Market Data

As supply and demand for commodities evolve rapidly, you need real-time data and pricing information to manage risks and maximize opportunity.

For over 100 years, S&P Global Commodity Insights has provided solutions to the trading industry. Today we’re developing new tools and capabilities for the agriculture world. From established price benchmarks, like US and European ethanol, to Black Sea and Australian wheat assessments and our new oilseeds, rice and vegetable oils coverage, S&P Global Commodity Insights is bringing its expertise to growing markets.

Our Market Data Grains package brings together prices, news and analysis enabling you to understand key trends to make better-informed trading and business decisions ahead of your competitors.

S&P Global Commodity Insights publishes more than 8,500 prices daily, including our benchmark price assessments. In the ever-changing global context, the sooner you get straight to the prices of interest the more time you have to make critical business decisions. That's why our Market Data helps you access and interpret agriculture data faster and easier than ever before.

Our Market Data Grains Package integrates and transforms your work processes. This enables you to use the latest data and information to immediately inform your decision making wherever you are. Stream data directly into your proprietary system using API. Or populate your own workbooks with our Excel add-in.

To keep you updated you can monitor all the latest prices, movements and corrections for symbols of interest by setting up watch lists and alerts that immediately update your time series charts.

Do you want to use detailed data, analyzed with transparent methodology and unbiased insight from market context? Or do you want regular daily, weekly or periodic assessment of prices to ensure your risk management is robust, at every stage?

Our Market Data Grains package is the most efficient way to receive access to the latest global benchmark grains price assessments as well as historical data.

Through our daily assessments of transactional prices globally, we can help you get a more complete view of the market – by delivering the actionable numbers you need to gauge your markets, your competition and future potential.

Ensuring you can access the commodities that matter to your business, Platts Market Data covers:

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