Special Reports

Learn key trends in the Global Iron Ore Markets and gain insights on what is shaping the future world

Futures Rising

A surge in iron ore derivatives is bringing the market to the cusp of a new evolutionary stage

Recycling in Focus

Navigating plastics and metals circularity in 2023

Iron Ore Insights

Elevated input costs a bane for Asian steelmakers as finished product prices fail to catch up

The (m)ore you know

Financiers and end-users are pressing for ESG mine ratings to add another layer of transparency as demand for critical minerals grows.

Commodities 2023

China likely to tone down domestic steel capacity, targets ASEAN nations

Calm after the storm?

Steel end-users in Europe and the US are battling inflationary pressures and a lack of demand, while China’s growth engine has stalled. In 2023, will things get worse or are there reasons for optimism?

China decarbonization: ironing out the snags

China’s metals industry is picking up the pace toward the country’s decarbonization goals but hurdles remain.