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We are delighted that the Geneva Sugar Conference is back, bringing together leading growers, processors, traders and buyers to explore the state of the European sugar markets, and understand the trends, risks and challenges into 2022 and beyond.

As global economies brace for the months ahead, we enter a period of uncertainty for European sugar markets. Food security is a real threat, with rising energy prices causing issues for the entire supply chain, and the surge in wheat prices may push European beet farmers to plant less beets. As the world is just beginning to recover from the pandemic, what will be the new normal for the sugar industry?

NEW: Networking drinks and BBQ

Join fellow delegates on the evening of day 1 for an extended networking session with drinks and BBQ food amongst fellow attendees. This is included in your registration for the event.

Why attend?

Essential intelligence – get your burning questions answered
Join over 25 leading growers, processors, traders and experts from across the sugar value chain as they discuss the European sugar markets through an insightful mix of panel discussions and presentations.

Gain exclusive insights into the sugar markets
Hear international sugar market experts discuss key developments affecting the sector supply & demand dynamics, trade evolution for sugar in a post-Brexit environment, pricing dynamics, and changing consumer behaviours impacting consumption.

Network and do business once again
The conference will bring together the sugar community after two years. You’ll get the chance to meet your colleagues and peers once again, allowing you to network effectively and safely during our dedicated networking breaks.



    Standard Rate:
    $1,599 in-person / $749 online

    3 for 2 offer available (in-person delegates only)

    Duration: 2 days


    Who attends?

    • Regional and international sugar producers
    • Senior sugar traders
    • Refinery managers
    • Sugar buyers and end-users
    • Leading consultants and advisors
    • Financiers, banks and analysts
    • Global press and industry association

    Collocated with:

    European Biofuels Conference

    The European Biofuels Conference brings together the region’s leading biofuels producers, senior biofuels traders, biofuels buyers, banks, analysts and regulators to explore the the role and position of Biofuels and Feedstocks in the energy market as well as in energy transition.

Can't travel to the conference?

As well as offering you the opportunity to meet with delegates face-to-face, we will also host the event online. This means that regardless of your travel circumstances you will be able to stream all the sessions online, chat with other delegates and ask your questions to the speakers via our virtual platform. Even if travel restrictions prohibit you from attending, you can still enjoy the great insights on show.
Your virtual pass will include:
• Access to the virtual platform and all live and on-demand session broadcasts on 26-27 April
• Convenient access and view the event from anywhere through your mobile, tablet and computer
• 1 months post event on-demand access to the virtual platform
• Easy to use networking tools to connect with the audience through the virtual environment

Participating companies so far include:

AB Azucarera Iberia, S.L. • Achard International srl • ADM • Agrana Studen Sugar Trading • Al Bayan Intertrade • Antei International SA • Antilles Glaces • Artukoluke SL • ASSUC • August Storck KG • August Töpfer Zuckerhandelsgesellschaft • Axien group PTY Ltd • Barry Callebaut Sourcing • BNP Paribas • Boettger Food Ingredients GmbH • Cargill • CCH • Coca-Cola • COFCO International • Comdex India Ltd. • Cosun beet company • Cristalco • CSAPO • Czarnikow Group Limited • Depla Suikers • DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH • Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG • Ecology Africa Foundation • ED&F Man • EMD AG • Euroports Belgium • Golden Agri Ressources • Granda Zuccheri SPA • Halba • Handelsgesellschaft Sparrenberg mbh • Hungrana • ICE • Iscal Sugar SA • Italia Zuccheri Commerciale Srl • Jose Llopart SA • JSC Go food • JSC Tangeta • Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG • Krajowa Spolka Cukrowa S.A. • KWS Saat Se & Co.KG aA • Kyos Commodity Solutions • Lactalis • Lesaffre International • LMC International Ltd. • Lotus Bakeries International und Schweiz AG • Magyar Cukor Zrt (Agrana) • Manuport Logistics NV • Mercadona • mes ag • Mondelez International • Nanodyn Systems Pty Ltd • National Farmers Union • NOM (UK) LTD • Nordic Sugar AB • Nordzucker AG • Orkla / OGP • Papon SA • Pfeifer & Langen GmbH & Co. KG • ProSunergy Limited • Puratos • Rabobank • Refinarias de Açúcar Reunidas • Rigo-Trading • Royal Sugar S.A. • S.O.L. Food and Concepts GmbH • SA Canegrowers • Schlüter & Maack GmbH • Schweizer Zucker AG • Scipio SA • Societe Generale de Surveillance • SGT • Sidul Acucares • SternEnzym GmbH & Co. KG • Südzucker AG • Sugar Specialities Europe BV • Suntory Beverage & Food Europe • Tate & Lyle Sugars Ltd • Tereos • Tudor Capital Europe LLP • Vandemoortele • Zeeland Sugar Terminal • Zentis GmbH & Co KG • Zukan • And many more...


Tuesday, April 26, 2022
  • 11.30 AM Registration and networking lunch 
  • 12.30 PM Chair's welcoming remarks
    Patricia Luis-Manso, Head of Metals & Agriculture Analytics, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Setting the scene for sugar markets globally
  • 12.40 PM Keynote Address: Global Macroeconomic update: impact on sugar markets
    Marc Ostwold, Chief Economist, ADM Investor Services International

  • 1.10 PM Keynote address: Sugar market fundamentals: global outlook
    • The global commodities market in review & impact on sugar markets
       ◦ Security of supply: how is European sugar faring?
       ◦ Russia/Ukraine conflict and rising energy prices
    • Global supply and demand outlook for sugar for the next 12 months
       ◦ Sugar consumptions trends
       ◦ Weather conditions impacting crop yields
    • Sugar pricing: further volatility expected?
    Patricia Luis-Manso, Head of Metals & Agriculture Analytics, S&P Global Commodity Insights
European sugar markets from those at the forefront
  • 1.40 PM Panel Discussion: Exploring the current state of play for European Sugar
    • How has the shift in supply/demand balance changed over the years?
    • Expectations for the second half of the year and into the 2022/23 season
    • What are the challenges currently facing the industry?
       ◦ Can we expect Europe to carry on exporting to its captive markets amid tight regional supply?
       ◦ How is the Russia/Ukraine conflict shifting market dynamics for the industry?
    • Domestic sugar pricing: striking the balance between world market prices, using alternative crops and Ethanol production
    • Global consumption: changing consumer patterns and product reformulation

    Gwenaël Lecerf, Vice-President, CIUS
    Alexander Godow, COO, Nordzucker
    Piotr Banach, Senior Advisor to the President of the Board, Polski Cukier
    Cyril Moine, European Trade Department, Sucden
    Audrey Jagot, Commodity Market Analyst Europe, Tereos

    Moderated by: Piero Carello, Market Development Manager, S&P Global Commodity Insights
  • 2.25 PM Panel Discussion: European crops outlook: how is beet production faring in 2022?
    • How is beet production varying across Europe?
       ◦ Impact on Russia/Ukraine tensions
    • Acreage, field & rotation issues
       ◦ How is this comparing with other beet producing regions?
       ◦ Changes in weather pattens
    • Challenges with EU regulatory framework
       ◦ Ban of neonicotinoids
       ◦ EU Green Deal: CAP, Farm to Fork, and EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030
    • Prospects for the next 12 months

    Elisabeth Lacoste, Director, CIBE
    Michael Sly, Chairman, National Farmers Union Sugar Board
    Timothé Masson, Economist, CGB
    Moderated by: José Orive, Executive Director, International Sugar Organization
  • 3.05 PM Networking and refreshment break
Global sugar trade developments
  • 3:35 PM Panel Discussion: Traders debate: key market drivers for the year ahead
    • Current market conditions: what are the key trends impacting the global sugar market today?
       ◦ Macroeconomic factors impacting sugar
       ◦ Rising energy prices and impact on the industry
    • Supply chain challenges: impact of freight rates on trade
    • Global trade dynamics: exports vs domestic market

    Alexander Stewart, Head Trader – White Sugar, Raizen
    Tracey Allen, Agricultural Commodities Specialist, JP Morgan
    Ekaterina Tsyplakova, Sugar Analyst, Wilmar Sugar
    Marc Corvaisier, Senior Sugar Trader, LDC

    Moderated by: John Stansfield, Senior Sugar Analyst, DNEXT
  • 4:20 PM Brexit and the wider European sugar market
    • Post Brexit UK-EU sugar trade and impact of the new UK trade arrangements
    • Regulatory developments impacting the markets
       ◦ The UK’s Path to Sustainable Farming: how will this impact the UK and EU?
       ◦ EU regulatory developments: Common Agricultural Policy
    • Internal restructuring of the UK market: impact in the short term

    Julian Price, Former ASSUC President,
  • 4.50 PM Global freight challenges: how will high freight rates and the containers crisis affect sugar trade?
    George Griffiths, Managing Editor, Global Container Freight, S&P Global Commodity Insights
  • 5.20 PM Networking Reception and BBQ
    Join us immediately after day 1 for drinks and BBQ food.
Wednesday, April 27, 2022
  • 8:30 AM Registration and networking breakfast
  • 9:30 AM Chair's welcoming remarks
    Patricia Luis-Manso, Head of Metals & Agriculture Analytics, S&P Global Commodity Insights
The sustainability agenda & changing consumer patterns
  • 9:40 AM Keynote Address: A circular sugar economy
    • How can the industry play a proactive role in the EU’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050?
    • How can sugar producers have a positive impact on water resource?
    • Building a sustainable sugar supply chain

    Michel Mangion, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Cristal Union
  • 10:10 AM Panel Discussion: The changing face of sugar consumption: shifting consumer patterns and sugar reduction initiatives
    • Shifting consumer habits: have they changed for good since the pandemic?
       ◦ Where are we seeing rebound’s globally, if any?
       ◦ How are sustainability claims affecting consumption in the industry?
    • The war against sugar; how have anti-sugar campaigns, sugar taxes and initiatives against obesity impacted supply and demand sugar?
       ◦ Reformulation challenges in confectionary
    • Regulatory initiatives and commitments to reduce sugar intake
       ◦ WHO Sugar and Calorie Reduction Network
       ◦ Legislation on labeling

    Jamie Fortescue, Managing Director, Starch Europe
    Yury Sharanov, Senior Sourcing Manager Sugar, Mars Wrigley
    Marc Painsmaye, Business Development Director, Couplet Sugars
    Moderated by: Maria Nunez, Senior Sugar Analyst, S&P Global Commodity Insights
  • 10:55 AM Networking and refreshment break
  • 11.25 AM Characterising the renewable chemicals industry, size, applications and the role of sugar as feedstock
    • Advances in renewable chemicals technology exploiting biochemical and petrochemical processes
    • Case Study#1 : Biodegradable plastics and feedstocks from sugar – a growth industry
    • Case Study#2: New building blocks for high performance plastics derived from sugars.

    Mark Morgan, Vice President, Specialty Chemicals and Renewables Consulting, S&P Global Commodity Insights
    Olivier Maronneaud, Director Chemical Consulting, S&P Global Commodity Insights
European sugar risk
  • 11.55 PM Panel Discussion: Risk management strategies in the European sugar market
    • How is the sugar industry managing risk in 2022?
       ◦ The move away from traditional to fixed price contracts
    • Is there a case for an EU domestic futures contract?
    • The role of exchanges: how can they help the sugar industry?
    • How can the industry help to shape risk management strategies going forward?
       ◦ Can we learn from other commodities markets?

    Andrew Charlton, Associate Director, Czarnikow
    Piero Carello, Market Development Manager, S&P Global Commodity Insights
    Charles Funnell, Managing Director, CF Commodities
    Daniël Kerkhof, President, ASSUC
    Moderated by: Robert Beaman, Associate Pricing Director EMEA Agriculture, S&P Global Commodity Insights
The global sugar markets
  • 12.45PM Networking lunch
  • 2.00PM MENA and Mediterranean Sugar Markets
    Virendra Jain, Head of Global Sugar Research, ECTP
  • 2.30PM Asia sugarcane supply & demand
    • What’s driving the price of sugarcane in key Asia regions?
    • Regulatory & policy developments affecting sugar markets
       ◦ Chemical bans, sustainable harvesting, Ethanol policy
    • Regional trade dynamics
       ◦ Emerging new regional players

    Pramod Kute, Head - Sugar Production Research – Indian Subcontinent & Thailand, COFCO International
  • 3.00PM Networking and refreshment break
  • 3.30PM How Africa ran out of Sugar - A look back to 2021 and ahead into 2022 and beyond
    Nick Kwolek, Founder, Kwolco
Spotlight on Ethanol
    • 4.00PM Panel Discussion: Decarbonizing transport: how will this impact the industry?
      • What’s driving Ethanol market growth in Europe?
         ◦ Increased national blending mandates
      • Upcoming legislation and policy revisions impacting the Ethanol markets
         ◦ Revision of REDII and FQD
         ◦ The role of Ethanol in the EU Green Deal
      • Where does the big drive to decarbonise transport leave the sugar industry?
         ◦ The rise of electric vehicles
         ◦ The growing interest in Hydrogen

      Simona Vackeová, Director of Government Affairs, ePURE
      Emily Rees, Europe Representative, UNICA
      Moderated by: Patricia Luis-Manso, Head of Metals & Agriculture Analytics, S&P Global Commodity Insights
    • 4.40PM Chair’s closing remarks
    • 4.50PM End of conference with coffee networking session

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Sugar Producers / Refiners




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Service Providers


Advisory Committee:

Patricia Luis-Manso.webpPatrica Luis-Manso,
Head of Agriculture & Metal Analytics, S&P Global Commodity Insights


Christoph_Berg_200.jpgChristoph Berg,
Executive Director, Agribusiness, S&P Global Commodity Insights

SpeakerTom Scott,
Global Director Agribusiness Consulting, S&P Global Commodity Insights


SpeakerPhil Solomon,
VP, Agribusiness & Commodities, S&P Global Commodity Insights


SpeakerEdward Oliver,
Consulting Executive Director, S&P Global Commodity Insights

Sugar Speakers:

SpeakerJean-Vincent Henry Francois Piot,
Head of Sugar International Development, Raizen


SpeakerKona Hoque,
Head of Group Research, ED&F Man


SpeakerKarim Salamon,
Head of Analysis, Wilmar Sugar S.A. Geneva


SpeakerEnrico Scimone,
Head of Group Sugar & Sweeteners, Ferrero Trading Luxembourg


SpeakerSasa Stefanovic,
Director - Sugar, Studen Middle East DMCC


Biofuels Speakers:

SpeakerPhilipp Schoelzel,
Vice President of Next Generation Biofuels, BP


SpeakerAnselm Eisentraut,
Head of Market Intelligence and President, Neste

SpeakerAndrea Martelli,
Global Head of Biofeedstocks, Biofuels Trading, Supply & Sustainability, ENI Trade & Biofuels S.p.A


SpeakerKestutis Starkus,
Senior Legal Advisor for Regulatory Management, ORLEN Lietuva

SpeakerMatthew Whitton,
Senior Director, Supply Operations Aviation Europe, World Fuel Services


The Geneva Sugar Conference by S&P Global Commodity Insights will take place Online / Geneva, Switzerland on April 26-27, 2021 at 11:30 am - 17:00 pm CET.

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